Welcome to my blog.  I use this blog as my soapbox as it relates to my passions within  Sports, Technology, Entertainment, and Ministry.

As you read through the blog assume the following:

  • I consider my readers to be Christians
    • There may be statements or things I reference that you may not be familiar with; there are plenty of references online to understand Christianize better.  I don’t do a lot of defining terms like “the enemy.”
  • I don’t comment on comments
    • I’ve thought long and hard about this and researched various strategies on how bloggers should respond.  Most of my blogs are not up for debate, it’s what I believe to be true.  I could be wrong and I’m not afraid of being wrong, but truth trumps any kind of agenda so if you feel I’m wrong, and would like to let me know, post in the comments or send a direct message.
  • These are my personal thoughts around my passions within Sports, Technology, Entertainment, and Ministry and do not reflect any entity I’m involved in throughout my professional relationships.
  • This is a NO HATE zone.
    • Everything I write has been carefully thought out.  Rarely, if ever, will I sit down and write a feelings based post (unless it’s to a major retailer or food chain).
    • You may read something through your lense that comes across as hateful or offensive.  Remember, only you, the reader, can prevent that.   I don’t hate anyone.  It’s not in my DNA.  What is in my DNA is to apply pressure to the wacky or feelings based individuals that want to apply their relative truth to others.  Why do I do this?  Simple, Elijah did, John the Baptist did, and Jesus did.   People then cry out:  “Troy, you are not being loving, you are not being kind, etc.”  Love isn’t defined by tolerance, love is defined by truth.  I live by the principle that truth trumps everything…including the reality of the world around me.    There was a picture of a bunch of KKK members in front of a cross under their white sheets.  I called them idiots via Twitter.  Someone replied that I wasn’t displaying love by calling them morons and idiots and Jesus wouldn’t do that.  Insert rolling of eyes.  By definition the KKK men under sheets in front of a cross are idiots.  (DEFINITION:  a stupid person; informal, an utterly foolish or senseless person)  Based on scripture they fit this definition of an idiot.
  • I define TRUTH as the TRUTH from the Bible.
    • I read the Bible daily.  You can disagree with what the Bible says and think I’m wacko.  That’s ok.  It doesn’t bother me at all, remember, I consider my readers to have the same Biblically based foundation as I do.  I’m writing to those that may be in similar situations and don’t know what to do.
  • Do what I do
    • Read the Bible
    • Live in repentance
    • Serve others
    • Consider others before yourself

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