Buy My House!

My family and I are having to move closer to the city and will be leaving our beautiful home in Monroe.  It’s priced to sell ($525k) with new carpet and a fresh coat of paint.  Everything has been moved out and it’s ready to move in!

Also, if you come without a realtor, we’ll give you a portion of our savings – in the amount of $5,000.  Our realtor, Josh Koffler, will write up the paperwork for you and since there isn’t a buyers agent that we have to commission out, we SHARE our savings with you!!!

Give Josh a call at 425-876-8112 or shoot him an email at:  joshuak [at]  I’ve included some images below tell him Troy sent you!

4 Beds 2.5 Baths 3,304 Sq. Ft
A grand entry way
with high ceilings
turn to you left and you can get a view of the upstairs
a den for the worker in the family 🙂
View from the upstairs loft. Is that new carpet and fresh new paint? Why yes, yes it is
My wife has an eye for the beautiful, look what she did to the kitchen
The fridge? Not included, unless you really, really, want it.
Across the kitchen is a perfect hosting place for guests with speakers built in the wall for true surround sound
Check out the master bedroom, yep, a fireplace, perfect for those cold winter nights
And check out this room, you know it! 2017 NFL Super Bowl Champs!
More imagery on the wall of the most awesomeness room ever!
Once up from the stairs a view of the loft (there are two other rooms not shown)
And our backyard is huge
…like reaaaalllyyy huge
By the way, we are only one house away from the community park.

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