Priceline – Bait & Switch strategy

I’m going to be traveling to Milwaukee next week and am looking to rent a vehicle while there.  Priceline caught my eye while on LinkedIn with some unbelievable pricing.


Wow!  $22 a day and even $20 a day but that can’t be the Milwaukee airport could it?  So I clicked the link and saw that yes, yes indeed it was for the airport.  Take a look for yourself.


Yes!  It is indeed for the Milwaukee airport and look at that price!!! It even auto populated the dates I was looking from earlier today.  How AWESOME!  It’s almost too good to be true; meaning…


Hmmm, once I clicked the above image with pricing of $20.37 per day I arrived to this page.  But notice that the cheapest vehicle is $45 a day.

This is not the first time Priceline has tricked me.  It’s an awful, deceitful way to try and get business.  I am not a fan.

Priceline please hold true to business ethics that offer a win-win for the consumer, brand relationship.  For there are Mavens like myself that chirp like a saw.


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