The Iowa Law

Not long ago I remember some of my friends mocking me for suggesting that law would regulate what preachers can say from the pulpit. Preachers being arrested for what others called “hate speech.”  My friends called me crazy and that gay marriage has nothing to do with me – or the church.

Well, as I predicted, here comes Iowa (who would have thought it would come from Iowa) stating churches, and all public facilities, must allow anyone identifying as a particular gender their right to enter a bathroom or shower of their identification. Also, any sermon preached during service cannot talk against a particular group.

Now I don’t go to churches that do this or know of churches that do this but what’s going to happen is someone in the audience is going to interpret something that they thought was offensive. They will report the pastor and the pastor will be fined and eventually arrested.

Some cities will be more aggressive than others which will cause a mass exit of Christians from these cities. These cities will lose God’s protection of praying saints and these cities will unfortunately be destroyed through natural disasters. A stretch you say? Well, read the Bible. Nothing I’m saying isn’t revealing, just what has occurred in the past when the land cries out for justice.

I told you so doesn’t make me feel any better. My hope comes from generational data that shows a spiritual awakening every 100 years or so.  Praise God for those born after 2003, for that generation will pull us out from this miserable godless time in our country.

Careful what you wish for atheists, you may just get it.


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