My Super Bowl 50 Prediction

I’ve been wrong about the Carolina Panthers all season and every playoff game this year so Panther fans will be elated to read this post.  I think my picks have something to do with me not wanting to see a team like this be successful, a team that disrespects the game by taking photos on the sideline while the game is still going on.

Now when faced with giving my Super Bowl 50 prediction I have this nagging thought, am I picking the Denver Broncos because of my dislike of the Panthers or do I really think the Broncos will win?

As I wrote in my blog prior to the Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos Super Bowl:


You can go through my source at the NFL Stats site by clicking this link.

Here are my notes

Season and Super Bowl Champion
2008 – PIT Steelers
2002 – TB Buccaneers over #1 Offense OAK Radiers

*the highly talked about 2000 season Baltimore Ravens were the second ranked NFL defense.

1996 – GB Packers
1993 – DAL Cowboys

*1989 note #1 NFL ranked offense SF 49ers beat #1 NFL ranked defense Minnesota Vikings 34-9 in Divisional playoff round.

1985 – CHI Bears
1977 – DAL Cowboys
1974 – PIT Steelers
1972 – MIA Dolphins

The only time two number ones have met in the Super Bowl were the OAK Raiders and TB Buccaneers in which the Buccaneers won going away.

That was from my blog in 2014.  Ironically, the first number one defense in the Super Bowl lost for the first time a year ago when my beloved Seahawks lost to the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX.   Could the trend continue this year?  Not unless the Denver defense is ravished with injuries that no one knows about like the Seahawks.

All week I’ve heard from commentators that the Carolina Panthers are the number one offense and it’s #1 offense vs #1 defense.  This is not true.  The Carolina Panthers are not even in the top five offenses during the regular season.  Sorry to bring statistics into a good story but number one offense is just not true (the Carolina Panthers were the number one offense in the post season only).  As you can see from the below image they were not in the top five defenses either.

Cam Newton is an amazing athlete, he is a beast to bring down but he is not the best QB in the NFL.  In fact under pressure Cam Newton has a below average accuracy level.  The question comes down to can the Denver rush cause him enough discomfort where he makes mistakes.

I say yes.

Everyone talks about Cam Newton’s growth this year.  How he doesn’t mope around with a doomsday mindset.  In the past Cam Newton has been called out by fellow teammate Steve Smith Sr. for needing to take more of a leadership role.  I bought into the hype that Cam Newton was a changed man until I saw his Super Bowl media day press conference this week.  His body language was classic Cam Newton.  Didn’t want to be there, didn’t care… it was different than how Beast Mode treated the media.  Different in how Cam showed how much he thought this was a waste of his time.  I’m with Deion Sanders on this one:  This is what you signed up for Cam. Embrace it and enjoy it.  

If this was a Denver Broncos vs Seattle Seahawks do over game I would pick the Broncos.  They are two years removed from getting blown out by the Seahawks.  Bronco’s QB Peyton Manning has got to see this as a redemption game before riding off in the sunset.  This type of motivation will keep him discipline to execute a dink and dunk passing attack which will keep Panther’s LB Luke Kuechly out of Manning’s face.  Remember the only Super Bowl Manning won?  It was against a LB that Kuechly is compared to, Brian Urlacher.  Both Linebackers have greater smarts than athletic ability.  Peyton is the smartest QB on the planet and with his lack of physical skills relies on his smarts more than ever.

This Super Bowl will be one of the classic chess matches.  No blowout here.

My Pick:  Denver Broncos 24  Carolina Panthers 13


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