The Cam Newton Debate

I’m not a fan of Cam Newton and apparently I’m not alone.  What I find fascinating though is the debate going on regarding the color of his skin.

What?  The color of his skin?  Race?  This is what it has come to, race?  Currently, I’m listening to Skip and Stephen A on First Take talking about it for most of their show.  They are missing the point in my opinion.


To clarify my ‘hating’ on Cam Newton.  I don’t really ‘hate’ him.  On the contrary I love, love, love to root against him.  Or root for him to be beat.  That’s a compliment to his uncanny athletic skills.  He is a freak of athletic nature and he knows it, he’s arrogant, and thinks he’s better than who he is playing against.  That’s what gets me fired up and a lot of NFL players that are his peers.

“But he’s having fun Troy, stop judging!”

Ok, let me respond by asking you this question.  If it’s only about a kid having fun playing a game, what if he did it while losing?  Imagine if the Panthers were 1-15 this year instead of 15-1.  And after every score he did the open of his jersey sign to show he is Superman.

New York Giants v Carolina Panthers
Panthers score!  Trail by only 28 points with 2 minutes left in the game. 

Or 1-15 and every first down he did the first down indication and dab.


1-15 and with two minutes left in the game he gets the team together to take a group photo.  The game is still going on!!!!  Your fellow warriors are playing their hearts out on the field and you are having fun on the sideline in a loss?? The coach would shut it down quick.  His teammates would shut it down quick.  They would judge him as a clown and say he’s disrespecting the game.

cam newton team photo

Yet when they stomp on the other team it’s ok to disrespect the game?

So I ask you again, how would you feel if he did all of these things while losing?

How would the media react?  Would they ‘judge’ him?

You know the answer.  He would be criticized by everyone for not taking his profession seriously.

Why is it different because he’s winning? It’s not different which is why he’s being criticized.  He’s being criticized by the players he’s beating, the fans of the teams he’s beating, and I assure you the team that he’s about to play is using this, and the last SB appearance, to fuel their fire.

Don’t try and tell me that it’s all in good fun.  It’s not all in good fun.  It’s in bad fun.

Meaning the ‘fun’ is coming from the beating of the opponent.  I was taught that when you win you don’t parade over who you beat, you don’t continue to barrage them for losing.  As a fan of the Seahawks, when we beat an opponent, I don’t go to a friend who is a fan of the other team and mock them, laugh at them, make them feel worst.  It’s not cool.  It’s not Christian.

If Cam Newton does all these actions during a loss I will apologize and admit I’m out of line.  But until then it’s disrespect for the game and for players of the game.

In my opinion.


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