Thoughts on Seahawks loss to Panthers

Pete Carroll rides the ‘you can’t win in the first, second, and third quarter’ mantra.  This causes the Seahawks to start slow in more games than not.  It affects our play calling but the belief behind it has given us memorable games  (never losing by more than ten points since Russell Wilson got here).  I would love it if our play calling the entire game was as if we were down by 31 points.  

Another 10am game for the Seahawks meant another flat start.  I knew that.  I was excited that the Panthers we’re up 14 points early.  It meant our play calling would be different for the rest of the game.  We simply ran out of time, let me reflect on what we could have done (playing Sunday afternoon coach here). 

  • Pete Carroll should apologize for last week and this week.  The Seahawks were not prepared at the start of each game.  I get it, they have a ‘been there, done that’ mindset but the job of a coach is to get players ready to play at the start of the game.  Yes, it was cold last week and you can blame that a little bit but you are still the head coach.  The cold has nothing to do with a fast start and preparation.   
  • Russell Wilson out played Cam Newton today but he also had more mistakes.  The back foot floater pass to Marshawn Lynch down 7-0 on their first drive was unacceptable.  The 20 yard sack late in the game is also something that doesn’t get done by elite QB’s.  And he is elite, as I mentioned, he outplayed this year’s MVP.  
  • In the first half, down by 31 frigg’n points, you kick the field goal when given the opportunity to.  JUST. GET. POINTS.  This is a coaching gaffe by Pete, something he should acknowledge. 
  • Down by 10 points with less than five minutes and only one time out puts you in a curious position.  They were driving, and there was zero doubt – we were going to score – but time was ticking and ticking away.  There should have been a sense of urgency to play for a field goal PRIOR TO THE TWO MINUTE warning.  This would have taken away the onside kick.  With one timeout, down by 7 before the 2 minute warning you have a chance to get the ball back with 50-60 seconds left in the game.  Assuming we stop them we would have one minute to score a touchdown.  

OK, hopefully that’s it regarding this game.  Still feeling miserable but I’ll get over it in a few hours.  


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