2016 Playoff Predictions Seattle vs Carolina

Seattle Seahawks (11-6) at Carolina Panthers (15-1)

Game Day.  Finally.  Although I’m bitter that we have to play another 10am body clock game I’m encouraged that it only bothers me.  The Seahawks don’t talk about or dwell on the negative.

The Carolina Panthers are coming off their best season in franchise history winning 15 games in the regular season.  Their biggest victory over a playoff team came against the Washington Redskins where they won by 28 points.  The Redskins however were the only playoff team to not beat a team with a winning record.  In other words they weren’t that good.

The Panthers other two wins were verses my Seattle Seahawks and the Green Bay Packers.  These victories add more to the quality of win but they won by only a combined amount of 12 points.  If you compare that to the Seahawks +50 combined points for the teams with a winning record that they beat in the regular season, you can see why most of America is leaning towards the Seahawks.

As I write my prediction I’m watching snow mixed with rain fall on the tailgaters as they set up.  It’s windy and wet.  Advantage?  Who knows.

What’s interesting is when the Seahawks win these games they are called ‘lucky.’  Yet when the Patriots beat the Seahawks in the Super Bowl it’s because they ‘made a play.’  The east coast hypocritcal way of reporting aside, I fall into ‘making a play’ over ‘lucky.’

The Seahawks made a play last year verses Green Bay.  As much as Aaron Rodgers would like to say they were the better team, the Seahawks came up with the onside kick, two point conversion and score in overtime.  They made plays and won.

The Seahawks made plays all game verses the Minnesota Vikings last week except on the final drive.  Minnesota QB, Teddy Bridgewater played lose on that drive and marched his team down the field for the win.  Only one problem.  They didn’t make a play.  The kicker shanked it and the Seahawks got ‘lucky.’

Luck will have nothing to do with this morning’s game.  It will be about making plays and the Seahwks won’t start making plays until the last half of the third quarter and into the fourth.

There are two Seahawks that could show up this morning.  There are the Seahawks that beat the Bills and Vikings on the road at 10am and then there are the Seahawks that face the St. Louis Rams at 10am and are flat.

All that said, the Seahawks don’t get blown out.   In the two playoff losses in the Russell Wilson era it has been by a combined score of 7 points and decided in the waining seconds of the game.  These are facts.  To ignore this is to fall in the ‘hater’ category.  Which is fine, you can be a hater in sports, it’s ok.

Of the two version of the Seahawks I think we are going to come in flat and be down by two scores before waking up and winning by double figures.

My Pick:  Seattle Seahawks 24. Carolina Panthers 13


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