2016 Playoff Predictions Green Bay vs Arizona

Green Bay Packers (11-6) at Arizona Cardinals (13-3)

This is the hardest game to pick of the weekend and here’s why.  The Arizona Cardinals are the better team in my opinion.  Yet I have a feeling that we are heading towards a Seahawks vs Packers NFC Championship game in Green Bay.  Lindsay just shook her head as I explained my reasoning.

The data wins though and the data shows that the Arizona Cardinals are the better team going 4-2 against playoff teams with a point differential of +1 vs a point differential of -10 for the Green Bay Packers.   The difference?  And why I’m so conflicted?  Aaron Rodgers vs a Carson Palmer that has never won a playoff game.  Not only has he never won a playoff game, Carson Palmer let’s the big game get to him.  His defense could bail him out like the Indianopolis Colts did for Peyton Manning in their only Super Bowl win but if it doesn’t, Aaron Rodgers will snatch the win.

When the Cincinnati Bengals played the Arizona Cardinals this year Carson Palmer made it clear that this was a ‘big’ game for him.  He’s an emotional guy.  When playing the Seahawks at Century Link field the game was won as time ran out he gave a crotch shot to the stadium.  It was an eff you to the 12s.  Carson Palmer isn’t that kind of person.  He’s very well spoken and usually doesn’t disrespect fans that way.  But these were the Seahawks.  The big boys on the block and the Cardinals just punched the bully in the mouth.  He is emotional.

It will be interesting to see if Carson Palmer can get the monkey off his back in this game.  He was obviously flustered verses the Seahawks the last week when they had something to play for.

The Data Pick:  Arizona Cardinals 24  Green Bay Packers 13

My Gut Pick:  Green Bay Packers 17 Arizona Cardinals 14 (OT)


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