2016 NFL Playoff Predictions Kansas City vs New England

Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) vs New England Patriots (12-4)

The New England Patriots have not looked the same since Edelman was injured earlier this year.  Edelman brings a certain level of ‘spunk’ to an already fiery team lead by Patriots QB Tom Brady.

Meanwhile the Kansas City Chiefs are the hottest team in the NFL winning their 11th game in a row last week verses the Houston Texans.  This would be a no brainier for me if it wasn’t for 41-14 on September 24, 2014.  It was that night that the Kansas City Chiefs humbled the hated Patriots on national television.

Tom remembers.

The Patriots are going to come out fired up and I’m predicting a blow out.  Unless the Chiefs rise to the occasion this one will be just as bad as last week when the score was so lopsided in the Chiefs favor.

Chief’s QB, Alex Smith, is just the type of QB that head coach Andy Reid likes, controlled and very protective of the ball.  The problem is, as we remember when the Seahawks were overprotective with the lead in last year’s Super Bowl, you need to test the Patriots downfield.

These playoffs are one of the hardest to predict but in this case I’m confident the Patriots with this game and start their journey to a second straight Super Bowl verses the Seattle Seahawks.

My Pick:  New England 43  Kansas City 18



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