The Final Countdown

The Kickstarter Campaign is finishing in 8 hours and we are well short of our $4,000 goal.  I’ve talked it over with our team and to make one final push we are including the debut EP by Once & Again released in the fall of next year.

Once & Again? TJR:?  What’s going on Troy?  Yeah I get it so let me clarify how this all happened.

TJR: is a collaboration of various artists that have worked with me since 2003 on a collection of songs.  The songs are faith based with a strong message of hope to a hopeless society that is having trouble finding itself.  Faith based doesn’t mean preachy lyrics or the ‘fluff’ that is destroying today’s Christian music.  The songs on For We Wrestle are real, they are transparent, and describe my journey in life.  There are 11 songs and the 11th song is a remake of So Surreal – labeled So Surreal (Side B) – sung by Christina.  It’s amazing and unlike any of the other songs on the project.

The positive comments about So Surreal (Side B) were overwhelming.  My little secret of a superstar in Christina was no longer a secret.  So we talked about it.  We talked about her music and the songs that she’s been writing over the years.  I listened to a few and they are very, very good.  We decided that the next project we did would be her work.  Since the style is much different than TJR: we came up with a name: Once & Again.

There are various meanings behind the name.

  • Once & Again has a story telling theme.
  • In the song So Surreal the second line in the first chorus is: tell me once this ain’t no dream.  In the second line of the remaining chorus it’s sung: tell me again this ain’t no dream.
  • Christina and I first starting singing together in 2002, took a break, then were back in the studio in 2013.  We sang Once and now Again.

Unlike TJR, Once & Again isn’t faith based or rock and roll. It’s a folk driven acoustic feel with strong female/male harmonies.  Think Civil Wars and you are spot on.

So, all that said, get your funding in today and we will include the upcoming EP by Once & Again.

Now a message from our friends at Geico…er…Europe.


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