Salt the Band: The story behind the break up

This is the third video segment of our Kickstarter campaign for my upcoming album For We Wrestle.  Boat Rocker Records CEO and Founder Joe Nicholson was a big Salt the Band fan and made sure to have his team ask me about my experience while with the group.

As I mention in the video, it was a blast! We were called “the happy side of edge” and after releasing our debut album Mr. Brown, received high praise from outlets that monitored independent releases.

You can see that I get a little emotional towards the end of the video.  My wife said ‘it’s depressing.’  That’s not what I wanted to display and I hope you don’t feel that way when watching.  Boat Rocker thought it was a good idea to bring Salt up to add credibility to the For We Wrestle album release.

The most memorable quote we received while playing was from Christianity Today:  “If you ever wanted to be into a band before they go big, check out Salt the Band.”

If you’d like to visit our Kickstarter page and support the project click:


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