The Enemy of Love is PRIDE

In all of time the most treacherous enemy of love has been and always will be PRIDE.

Birthed with a conscious volition and unquenchable thirst to be worshiped, PRIDE arrived with a vengeance.

For the Creator loved to create uniquely different elements of wonder that all operated together for his glory and it was PRIDE that wanted this glory.

The Creator was so pleased with his creation that he created us to take care of it.  In his image he crafted us out of dust and gave us the greatest ability of all the created.  He gave us free will.  

It was a special love affair, exchanged through free will, between the Creator and those he created to care for his creation.

PRIDE infected the gift of free will with curious thought by asking the created, “are you sure the Creator said that?”


The lure and temptation of knowing more overtook the created and PRIDE watched with glee as the love affair between the Creator and the created came to a crumbling end.

The created were now the infected and PRIDE thrived by bringing confusion, doubt, and disbelief.  Some of the infected didn’t even believe in the Creator.  Some of the infected developed the PRIDE strain.

Creation began to cry for mercy but the infected continued to harm and destroy what the Creator had made so the cries of mercy turned to cries of justice, demanding that creation be purged of the infected.

The Creator loves his creation and hears their cry.  Creation is purged with water or fire.

With the rising and setting of light and dark the infected return and more are infected with the PRIDE strain then ever before, they desire to be like the Creator in all aspects of existence; they seek to be worshiped by all things.

The Creator loved his creation so much that he sent the Son to cure the infection and purge those who had developed the PRIDE strain.

This infuriated PRIDE for he hates all of creation and longs to be worshiped.

The friend of hate is PRIDE.

The friend of death is PRIDE.

Prior to their destruction, the infected indulge in revelry, they dance on the grave of righteousness and demand the worship of others through bodily sacrifice.

The PRIDE strain breeds among the infected until creation cries for mercy.

The PRIDE strain breeds among the infected until creation demands justice.

An abrupt and violent removal is coming for those that are infected with the PRIDE strain and justice will prevail.

Creation will be at peace until the infected grow in number and the PRIDE strain reappears.

Creation will then cry for mercy.

Creation will then demand justice.

Creation will be purged and the process will start again.

And again.

And again.

Until the end.

For in all of time the most treacherous enemy of love has been and always will be: PRIDE.


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