The Anticlimactic Miracle?

coltsbumpThe one thing that I have to get used to with my youngest son Colt James:  He fits his name.  Colt James is the type of name you see on the gridiron or a country western movie.  He is fearless and as tough as they come.  So when he dove into the couch last night and received a bump the size of a golf ball we didn’t think much of it.

“I’m tired momma.”  Colt said at dinner.  Ok, there may be a little bit to worry about.  Lindsay called our neighbor who is a fire fighter and asked if he could come over and take a look at the bump.

Our neighbor obliged and came over to do some concussion protocol.  After asking Colt a few questions our neighbor said, “if it were my son, I’d take him in to get it looked at.  That’s a big bump.”

Well, that’s all we needed to hear.  Lindsay grabbed his Seahawk blanket and off they went to the ER.

I’m a Christian so anytime a family member goes to the hospital I’m going to make a call out to my Facebook peeps for prayer.  Sure enough the responses came back.  Within minutes comment after comment on my post read:  praying.

Do I really think that the people that posted their prayer comment went into intercessory prayer?  No, not really but I do believe that they paused from what they were doing and said a little prayer for my daredevil of a son.

Of course the CT scan came back negative without any concussion effects; John Wayne, er, sorry, Colt James was fine.

My unbelieving friends will say there was nothing to worry about but what if the prayers of the children of God made the difference?  We will never know if this was just an anticlimactic miracle but really who cares if we know.  I’d rather have an anticlimactic miracle than a scary moment for our family this Father’s Day weekend.

We read in the Bible that the Devil lurks around like a predator waiting to steal, kill, and destroy.  When prayer is such an integral part of your life you never really know what type of spiritual warfare occurs on a daily basis.  Sometimes we as Christians want the WOW factor to show the goodness and power of God, to prove His existence.

Me?  I’ll take the anticlimactic miracle.

Thanks for your prayers Facebook peeps, with a son like Colt James I’m sure I’ll be calling on you soon enough.


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