Would Jesus Bake the Cake?

photo-23One of my Facebook friends posted an interesting statement on his wall; one that was sure to spark controversy.

The statement was simply if Jesus owned a bakery not only would he bake the cake for a gay wedding he would show up and tell stories that would bring sinners to tears.

The statement continued to instruct the audience that Jesus wouldn’t care about violation of His ‘religious rights.’  Then came the call to action:  Look more like Jesus instead of just talking about Him.

Currently the comment string is at 94 and I imagine it will continue to grow.  I didn’t take the bait and post a comment, but as a fictional writer I love the question of Would Jesus Bake the Cake?

Before I give my opinion on this fascinating question I want to address what I call a drive by post that is becoming popular with Pastors.

First by asking, what’s the point of the post?  As I read it there are two points:

  1. He’s trying to educate those that are in support of the recently passed bill in Indiana that Jesus wouldn’t support it.
  2. He’s telling us to stop talking about Jesus and live more like Jesus.

I could be wrong, this may not be the author’s intent, but regardless of what his intent was the tone in the post was that of a seven year old boy swinging his newly aluminum bat through a hornets nest.  Only the boy has super powers and no matter what the hornets do they cannot sting him.

The first comments came in and were in support of the rant.


“…it’s not like they had to go to the wedding, so stupid.”  He liked this comment.

More supportive comments came in but then someone challenged the thought and asked for further clarification.  That’s when the fireworks started.  Back and forth spiritual powerhouses went at it only the one that wrote the post had the sharpest pen.  I won’t go into detail or write out what was exactly said but I can tell you that none of this surprised me.  You see I went to college with him and he was just as mean then (over 20 years ago) as he is today.

Yep, sad isn’t it?  There were students at Northwest Bible College of the Assemblies of God that were mean.  Not all of them just the ones that had a problem with pride.  I’ll give you an example, my brother and I wanted to sing.  According to him we sucked, really really bad and let me tell you, he told us again, and again, and again.  He would make fun of the songs that we recorded for he was also a musician (I think anyway) and made fun of everything that wasn’t his.  (Toby Mac of DC Talk was a j-o-k-e and not talented in his opinion).   Some of my mean friends in college have grown up.  Some of them haven’t.

I’ll be the first to admit, there are several Christian friends of mine that label me as being hateful and mean.  They say that I think I’m always right.

These comments typically come from people that read something I post and feel I’m talking about them.  (I’m not). When I find out about how upset they are with me I immediately direct message them my mobile number so we can talk it out and if necessary, I will always apologize and ask for forgiveness.

Guess how many have actually called me?  None.  Not one.  They prefer to send messages tearing me down and “calling me out” because I’m so “judging.”

There were three posts in particular:

  • Made fun of a cop that gave me a ticket for not wearing my seatbelt.
  • Said Jesus and Yoga just don’t mix.
  • Wrote that my son and I wouldn’t wear our Marshawn Lynch jerseys anymore because of crotchgate.

I was blasted by many for these three posts for which I responded in a snarky tone throughout the thread.  In my snarkyness however I never belittled others for their belief and challenge of my belief.

This thread was different.  It was mean spirited from the beginning and no matter what anyone said the boy kept killing hornets.

Answer the question already!

Ok, I know.  Let’s get back to the title:  Would Jesus Bake the Cake?

If Jesus was a baker then yes, I think he would bake wedding cakes.  I don’t think he would bake cakes for gay and lesbian couples though and before you blow a gasket hear me out.

Jesus wouldn’t identify anyone as gay.  He wouldn’t identify anyone as lesbian or even straight.  Jesus looked at all of them as human beings.

If you look throughout His ministry Jesus did nothing to draw attention to Himself.  Isn’t that odd?  The Son of God, King of all Kings, wanted to keep a low profile.  Crazy.

Part of the original post tonight mentioned that Jesus would come to the wedding and tell stories that would leave sinners in tears.  Later in the comments he points to scripture as the example.  But really I don’t see any example of Jesus preaching while at someone else’s celebration.  He certainly didn’t take anything away from the wedding we read about in John 2:1-11.

In the reading we see that there was a problem.  The guests had run out of wine.  This didn’t cause alarm for Jesus but His mother (like a lot of mothers do) had to get involved.  She said to her son, “they have no more wine.”  Which in mom code was:  Jesus, do something!

Jesus didn’t start telling stories and drawing attention to himself.  In fact, He was reluctant and told His mother, “why involve me?”  Almost like “what’s up ma?  Stop already.”

And like most mothers she didn’t listen.  She went to the servants and said, “do whatever He tells you.”

Jesus looked at empty water jars and told the servants to fill them with water.  The servants did and then Jesus instructed them to draw some out.  Sure enough, WINE!  But not just any wine this was exceptional wine, so much so the master of the banquet gushed with praise to…Jesus?  No.

He praised the Bridegroom for saving the best wine for last.

It wasn’t about Jesus.

Maybe you are thinking but Troy, Troy, it says that it was the first of His miracles that revealed His glory.  OK, to whom did it reveal His glory?  Read further, it revealed His glory to His disciples.

When Jesus took water from the woman at the well, did He care that she was a Samaritan?  And a woman?  No, it’s not important.

Gender, race, slavery, etc.  IT’S NOT IMPORTANT.  

The Jews desperately wanted the Messiah to overthrow the vicious Roman Government, they wanted their Messiah to start a revolt that would bring legions of angels to their rescue.

Jesus would have nothing to do with that.  IT’S NOT IMPORTANT.

What’s important is to share the good news to others.  The good news that you don’t need to die but you can have eternal life.

Other comments in the thread read:  Jesus partied with the sinners.

Oh I am so sick and tired of hearing this propaganda.  Jesus DID NOT party with sinners.

I was bullied all throughout my childhood in school.  “Holy Boy Troy” or “Religious Ritchie” they would call me.  As I got older I attended parties where booze, pot, drugs, and sex were happening in other rooms.  It was a worldly party atmosphere and even though I was there hanging out with friends I did not participate in ANY OF IT.  My same friends that teased me throughout had a respect for me and how I stood up for what I believed in.  We hung out, we did not party together.

Did Jesus attend parties?  Yes.  Did Jesus “party?”  No.

Jesus enjoyed being around people; seeing them laugh, seeing them celebrate, seeing them within a community of joy.   But let’s not forget that there IS one group of people that Jesus would not hang out with.

They were the PROUD.

Anyone that had a cause greater than others Jesus didn’t hang out with.   In fact, He chastised them, cursed those that didn’t repent after seeing miraculous signs.  Anyone that had a mantra of PRIDE, and no sense of repentance, was no friend of Jesus.

So if Jesus was a baker I say, ‘yes’ he would bake wedding cakes for anyone that ordered them.  Then at the age of 33 he would walk away from his bakery career and share the good news to anyone that would hear Him.  He would instruct us to repent from our sins and when the proud would respond in their arrogance with a “repent from what Jesus” question.  He would ignore them and share the good news to those that had an ear to hear.

I’ll close with this little bit of advice to Pastors:  Get off social media.  It’s not worth your time or reputation.  The drive by posts that incite these kind of hateful talk do no good, it’s better to not be a part of that.  Churches should absolutely have Facebook pages with specific strategic marketing efforts but individual Pastor posts do more harm then good.

Oh, and be nice to everyone.  Even if you think they can’t sing.  For someday, just someday, they might be able to.  (According to Christianity Today anyway).


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  1. ejinthemirror says:

    Great post, Troy! I have compassion for people who are so insecure that they feel the need to validate themselves through “drive-by-posts” such as what you mention here. There’s a difference between trying to have an intelligent conversation and trying to inflate your own ego.

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