The Government is Coming


As Christians we don’t live in fear but there are plenty of reasons to be scared of what the future holds for the greatest country on the planet, the United States of America.

There is coming a day when from our radios, televisions, computers, tablets, and phones we will hear words that try and convince us that since the Bible was written by mere men it is not meant for today.  You will be told you are wrong.

It will come from the government and not necessarily Barak Obama. (The picture of President Obama is only because he is our current President and sadly he represents the Government, when it should be the people).

The message will come loud and clear:

Those that stand by their religious creed will be in violation of the law.

Those that are in violation of the law will be arrested and put in prison.  Prison?  Can you believe it?  It seems crazy to me that our Christian belief system will eventually send us to prison.

Growing up I would talk about being martyred for Christ but never really understood how anyone in the USA would be hated for being a Christian.  That was years ago.  Now I can see how twisting words coming from the Government can empower individuals that oppose the principals of Jesus Christ to take action.  To harm, fight, and eventually kill in the streets those that are Christians.

God is a God of order.  Our society is based around order that is influenced by the Bible.  Just the other day our pastor talked about how the Government could reshape what a week looks like.  Our current calendar is based on six days of work and one day of rest (7 days) which is how God created the earth and those that dwell on it.  As our pastor noted, some Data Scientist type fellow is going to look at production data and determine that the week shouldn’t be seven days.  He’ll present the findings to the Government and our leader will implement a new week.  Sound like fiction?  Yeah, kind of does doesn’t it but with what is happening in today’s world I don’t doubt it.

The persecution is going to come from the Government and instead of trying to fight it head on I suggest you focus on YOU and OTHERS, and in that order.

YOU need to get prayed up and increase your Spiritual Intelligence (SI).  STOP being a fat little Christian baby drinking your milk from elementary biblical teaching and get into the meat of what scripture has to offer.  Don’t just read the Bible study it and practice it.  Stand on the principals that Jesus did and don’t fall for fluff talk from the local cool and hip pastor that doesn’t stand for anything but goes with whatever is popular by the people.  These pastors are just as pathetic as the people that feed on their feelings based gospel message.  A vicious circle for sure.

Jesus said love God and love one another as you love yourself.

Understand that love isn’t something that is tolerant, or feelings based.  Love is something that stands on truth.   You find that truth in the Bible.  Read it and study it.

Now that you’ve dialed in your SI don’t go attacking the head of the snake (Government) but take that time and energy and invest it in OTHERS.  Neighbors, coworkers, people you meet at the grocery store, be looking for individuals that are hurting and meet their need.

If they are sad, cry with them.  If they are happy, rejoice with them.  If they are hungry, feed them.  If they are poor, give them money.  If they are hurt or sick, heal them.  Meet their needs in a practical way and in a way that can be clearly measured.  In other words if someone is hungry don’t ‘pray for them,’ feed them.

This is hard to do if you don’t already love and believe in yourself.  The more you read and study the Bible the more you increase your SI.  With an increased SI your confidence grows and ordinary people start to do extraordinary things that can impact a persons life enough for them to repeat the process.

Jesus didn’t protest.

He didn’t have time to protest or start a revolt against the Romans.  YOU don’t have time to rise up and protest our Government.  Invest that time into yourself (family) and others for that will give you the strength to die for the one that died for you.

The day is coming people, be prepared.


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