“Only fitting that they’re starting the game at 12.”  Seattle Seahawk coach Pete Carroll says with a smile in his weekly press conference.  That’s the difference between someone on a path to being 100% positive 100% of the time to actually being 100% positive 100% of the time.   Pete Carroll takes it in stride.  Me, on the other hand, was upset that as a west coast team we still get stuck with a start time that is unusual.  Why?  Who knows.  If you do know why please comment so I can understand what type of thinking goes into how the NFL schedules their games.  Makes no sense to start the west coast team at 12 noon.  That said, can we control what the NFL does?  No.  Which is what makes Pete Carroll such a great coach.  Only control what we can control is something he firmly believes in.  We don’t worry about what they do, they have to worry about what we do is another belief of Pete’s.   I’m on the road to letting things go but have a long way to go…ok, back to the prediction.

I’m actually glad we are playing the Green Bay Packers for the chance to get back to the Super Bowl.  The Dallas Cowboys, whom the Packers beat last week, are a better team with a better running game and offensive line.  If it wasn’t for a controversial call on a phenomenal catch by Cowboys’ receiver Dez Bryant my prediction would have come true and we would be playing the Cowboys today.

So in comes Aaron Rodgers, the hobbled quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, to face the number 1 defense in the NFL at their house – Century Link Field in Seattle, WA.  The 12’s will be ready at 12:00 noon to make this place rumble from crowd noise.  Will the crowd noise make  a difference?  Sure, but it won’t exactly be the difference maker in a Seattle Seahawks win.

If you don’t know it already, Packers’ quarterback Aaron Rodgers has a torn calf.  He loves to tell you about how much he doesn’t like talking about it, no really, he doesn’t like talking about it.  Haven’t you heard?  He kept talking about not wanting to talk about it ALL week.  Earl Thomas, Seahawks talented free safety, and the rest of the Seahawks aren’t buying it.  Aaron Rodgers said he has 120 minutes left in him this season to be effective, yeah, I’m with Earl and not buying it either.  This is a possum play by Rodgers.

My prediction is that the Seattle Seahawks jump out to a two score lead.  Possibly 10 or 14 points in the first half.  The crowd will be jacked and the Seahawks will ride on the initial momentum to get up early.  The second half, as the Packers did in 2012, will show us why they are here.  The Packers will storm back and eventually take the lead late in the game.

Enter Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson.  Wilson has five wins to only one loss in the postseason.  His one loss came against the Atlanta Falcons, a 10 am start time, down by 17 points at one point, and still drove the team to the end zone giving the defense the lead with only 30 seconds left in the game.  Russell Wilson was 30 seconds away from playing in the NFC Championship game against the 49ers.  (We would have won that game).

It’s only fitting that the last game prior to the Super Bowl is a rematch of the opening game of the NFL season this year.  In that game the Seahawks destroyed the Packers winning big 36-16.  That won’t happen again.  Just like the Seahawks last year that blew out the San Francisco 49ers, the repeat game in Seattle will be close.  Too close for comfort for me and my friends as we watch today.

The end will remind us of how Russell Wilson led us on wins in the ‘You Mad Bro’ game vs the New England Patriots (2012) and this year’s classic verses the Denver Broncos when Wilson drove us down the field in overtime for the win.

Remember San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s performance against the Packers in the playoffs?  No?  I’ll remind you:

  • 2012 – 181 yards rushing
  • 2013 – 98 yards rushing

Russell Wilson hasn’t shown the Packers his ability to run; until today that is.  Look for Wilson to shake Packers’ defensive juggernauts Julius Peppers and Clay “Goldilocks” Matthews for some big runs late for the win.

My pick:  Seahawks:  24  Packers:  21


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