colts (12-5) at broncos (12-4)

Why this matchup is the featured matchup is beyond me.  Dallas Cowboys at Green Bay Packers is a more high profile game in my opinion.  It seems like the media still has a love fest for Peyton Manning.  Well, even my beloved Seahawks love Peyton Manning and how he throws that lofty ball, so maybe it is true.  Anyway, I’m just a west coastie that’s bitter with how the media treats us, so let’s just move on.

I have no idea of who will be the winner of this matchup and it doesn’t help that I could care less about this game.   Let’s call this my ‘pick em’ game of the playoffs.  Take a coin and flip it to see who wins.

It’s no secret that I don’t think the Indianapolis Colts have a good ‘coach’ in Chuck Pagano.  Then again I also don’t think the Denver Broncos have a good ‘coach’ either in John Fox.  Both Chuck Pagano and John Fox have overcome incredible odds with their health, and are great examples of those that fight to recover from health tragedies, but they manage teams more than coach players.  I will note however, when you have quarterbacks like Indianapolis Colts’ Andrew Luck and Denver Broncos’ Peyton Manning there isn’t a lot of ‘coaching’ needed since those guys are so good.

So how do you pick a game like this?  Really, I’d love to know how you pick a game like this.  🙂

The Colts did what they were supposed to do last week by beating the Cincinnati Bengals at home in the Wild Card Round.  The Broncos have overcome a ton of odds as the Super Bowl loser winning an impressive 12 games and securing the number 2 seed.

Andrew Luck is rising and Peyton Manning is falling but it seems as if Manning knows this with the emergence of Broncos’ running back CJ Anderson.  Manning has utilized Anderson beautifully and the results have been wins despite the poor play by Manning in these last few weeks.

Meanwhile, the Colts are a one man show.  Andrew Luck is the best young quarterback in the league and as big of a Russell Wilson fan as I am, I still think Luck is better.  The Colts are missing a motivating head coach, star running back, and slightly improved defense to be a dominating team in the AFC.  Even with these discrepancies, the Colts have 35 wins to just 17 losses including playoffs.  That’s because of Andrew Luck.

When I first started this blog I was going to pick the Denver Broncos to win but the more I think about it, and the more I look at stats, I’m going to go with Andrew Luck having an incredible game and upsetting the home team.  How that pans out? What the score is?   I have no idea.

My Pick:  Colts:  Win  Broncos:  Lose  🙂


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