COWBOYS (13-4) AT PACKERS (12-4)

After a great Divisional NFL Playoff Saturday what can we expect from Sunday’s matchups?  The day starts with the Dallas Cowboys battling the Green Bay Packers in what some are calling the Ice Bowl II.  The temperature in Lambeau Field is 24 degrees, which is not quite -15 degrees like the original Ice Bowl.

This game is huge for both teams.  One of the cool elements to this game is the 8-0 regular season home record for the Green Bay Packers and the 8-0 regular season road record for the Dallas Cowboys.

More drama in the game is that Green Bay QB, Aaron Rodgers, is hobbled with a hurt calf.  Some would like to say, ‘there is not better extender of the play then Aaron Rodgers.’  This is false, and has been false for the past three years.  Seattle Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson is the greatest extender of a play.  That said, Aaron Rodgers is good at getting out of the pocket.  These days the turf won’t be as frozen as it was in the original Ice Bowl, but it will be solid and will impact how Aaron Rodgers plays the game.

The defenses of both teams are not Seattle Seahawks, Carolina Panthers or Arizona Cardinals ready but when the weather is this cold it normally gives the advantage to the defense.

I’ve gone back and forth with my pick on this but have settled into believing the Dallas Cowboys will steal one based on the limitations of Aaron Rodgers.   Green Bay Packers’ running back, Eddie Lacy, is not as good as Dallas Cowboys’ running back DeMarco Murray but the running backs are probably not going to be the determining factor in this one.

The best thing about this game is the toll it will take on the winning team which will play my Seahawks next Sunday at a ridiculous kick off time of 12:00 noon.   Why the NFL has the west coast site play the first game is beyond me.  Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

With the good defenses and running backs taken out of the impact plays it will come down to the QB position.  Dallas Cowboys with Tony Romo and the Green Bay Packers with Aaron Rodgers.  Rodgers will play fine to start but as the game goes on the calf will become more of an issue.

My Pick:  Cowboys:  23  Packers:  20  (OT)


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