2015 NFL Playoff Prediction – Ravens vs Patriots



ravens (11-6) at patriots (12-4)

The best weekend in sports!  Yep,  you read right, the best weekend in sports.  Today the top eight teams will play for a chance to get into the Super Bowl.  The weekend starts with the Baltimore Ravens coming into Foxborough to face the New England Patriots.

Let’s start with the Ravens.  Down the stretch they have won four of their last six games and secured the last playoff spot in the AFC by beating the Cleveland Browns 20-10 on the last week of the regular season.  Not only did they need to win their last game, they needed a complete collapse by the San Diego Chargers vs the back up lead Kansas City Chiefs.  That happened and the Ravens were in the dance.

The Ravens are good, I picked them last week to beat the Pittsburgh Steelers and they did.  Joe Flacco, QB of the Ravens, in the playoffs is as good as anyone in the NFL.   In fact, the last time the Ravens played the Patriots in Foxborough during the playoffs, they won and eventually won the Super Bowl.  That won’t happen today.

Everyone knows that the Ravens can beat the Patriots at home including the Patriots.  The Patriots will not overlook this game or opponent.  The Patriots are rested and although will not have Wide Receiver Julian Edelman, are fairly healthy.

Raven’s running back Justin Forsett has not been as good towards the end of the season after the national feature story highlighted his comeback.  I love Justin Forsett, which he was still here in Seattle but he is no longer a secret and unfortunately will be shut down by the Patriots defense.

The Patriots have a healthy running back in LeGarrette Blount.  Blount was cut by the Pittsburgh Steelers earlier this year and immediately picked up by the Patriots.  He will be the difference maker in today’s game.

This game should be competitive in the first half but the second half goes to the Patriots.  I don’t see the Ravens pulling off another stunner against a rested Patriots team.

My pick:  Patriots:  31  Ravens:  16


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