Read the Bible with me in 2015!

dusty-bible-read-meHappy New Year!  A chance to start anew with resolutions that may or may not stick, two, three, or four days after you start them.

I’d love for you to join me in reading the Bible in 2015.  It’s an easy plan that takes about 5-10 minutes a day.

Maybe you are like me.  I had struggled to find a rhythm in reading the word and no plan seemed to impact me as much as I thought it could. I tried reading the Bible through a year, I tried different devotionals, and only after I crafted this easy plan did it all come together for me. It’s an easy plan.

I read the New Testament from start to finish each quarter of the year.

January, February, March – New Testament
April, May June – New Testament
July, August, September – New Testament
October, November, December – New Testament

Get the picture?  🙂

If you read three chapters a day starting with Matthew 1, you will get through the New Testament in three months.  You may wonder why read the New Testament four times in a year?  Great question!  The more you read the same text, the more you get new things out of it.  The first thing you will notice by reading the New Testament over and over again is how many Christians don’t read their Bible.  You will discover this by their social media posts that are worlds different from the words of Jesus.

One thing in particular comes to mind around social justice.  Jesus never taught on this subject.  He encouraged us to be strong in the situation that we are in.  WOW!  Crazy isn’t it that social injustice wasn’t an agenda item for the King of Kings!

Something else, this whole ‘change the world’ montra.  In the movie Son of God, the Jesus character called Peter to follow Him for they were going to “Change the World!”  This is another common thought that we as Christians are to be World Changers.  Is that in scripture?  I haven’t found it yet.  The call is to change ourselves and love one another.  Sure, if everyone would follow scripture and change themselves repenting from their sin the world would absolutely change, but the action isn’t to change the world.  The action is to change ourselves by becoming something new in Him.  For me I need to change how I communicate with my children after they dispute or disobey requests by me and Lindsay.  Changing that about me is much more valuable then spending countless hours trying to change the world through blogging, making music, or making movies.

All great stuff that you will find just by reading.

You should also grab a notebook that you can jot notes of things that jump out at you while you read.  Almost like a journal.  This morning as I read Matt 4, 5, and 6 I documented these notes.

  • Jesus responded to the Devil with references to scripture (It is written)
  • Jesus preached repentance
  • Jesus did three things
    1. Taught (Using what was already written to familiarize with the people)
    2. Preached (Good News!  We can avoid death through following Him)
    3. Healed (This action validated His words so people listened and started the process of following Him)
  • Matt 5:17 – Jesus didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill it.  Wha….?  You mean He wasn’t a rebel?  He didn’t rebel against the religious leaders?
  • Matt 5:48 – Jesus states that we are to be perfect as our heavenly father is perfect.

And that’s it!  It’s a simple plan that everyone can do and the benefits will come.  Read it with an open mind.  Don’t try to fulfill some agenda. The only agenda God has tasked on us is:

  • For the Human Race – Love others as we love ourselves
  • For followers of Christ – Share the good news and become fishers of men

There is no agenda of converting others to Christianity.  We are to share the good news and those that want to take action after hearing it will do so with their first step.

Remember, fishing doesn’t equal catching.  There are many hours in the boat that I don’t catch one fish but I still cast into the lake waiting for that one fish to bite.  It’s the action of the fish taking the bite that results in the catch.

So will you join me?  If you already have a reading plan this post isn’t for you!  I’m sure that I’m not alone in struggling to read the Bible daily, if that is you then let’s read together!

You can download a checkoff plan if that helps

3 Mo. reading plan


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    From two years ago, and still doing the same plan. It’s not too late to catch up!

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