Seahawks vs Cardinals prediction Dec 21, 2014

The Cardinals sit atop the NFC West with a record of 11-3.

The Seahawks, hungry for more championships, are a game back at 10-4.

They play a Sunday Night Football matchup that may be one of the biggest SNF battles of the year.  Yes, there will be blood.


The Cardinals are coming off an emotional win over the St. Louis Rams in a field goal game 12-6.  Bruce Arians was his usual self afterwards, acting like a child, and they lost backup QB Drew Stanton to a MCL injury.

The Seahawks are playing lights out football led by the defense which should make tomorrow night’s game another low scoring affair.

Last week here in Seattle, everyone kept talking about the Rams and if they beat the Cardinals it would be better for the Seahawks.  I didn’t feel that way.  I’m always leary about good teams losing two games in a row.  If the Cardinals had lost last week they would have been much hungrier than they are now with a clinched playoff spot.

The Seahawks have started out slow in the past few weeks because of our style of play.  I think that continues tomorrow night.  In fact, I think we fall behind by 7 or 10 points in the first half.  The emotions in Glendale will be high after all the ‘disrespect’ talk that the country has been giving them and Ryan Lindley.  My gut says Lindley throws his first touchdown pass based on the emotions of the night and our aggressive, smell blood in the water, Legion of Boom. str-092110-lindley7

I’m predicting that the Cardinals go up 10-0 and we start building momentum in the 2nd Quarter eventually scoring a field goal and losing 10-3 at the half.

The second half will be a different story and that’s where we will control the ball with Marshawn & Co.

Russell Wilson will make the plays we need and both Earl Thomas and Richard Sherman will have a pick.

Shoot, I even have a pick:  Seahawks:  17  Cardinals:  13 

Oh, and Bruce will cry.

Go Hawks.


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