Stretch run for Seahawks

The Seahawks are 8-4 and come up to the final four games of the season.  At the beginning of the season I picked the Seahawks to finish at 12-4 so I’m going to stay with that even though the final four games are going to be tough.

Our final games are against the following

  • Eagles          9-3
  • 49ers           7-5
  • Cardinals      9-3
  • Rams           5-7

Total                30-18

Woah, that’s going to be a handful right?  Well, not exactly.  Look at this list now with the QB added.

  • Eagles          Mark Sanchez
  • 49ers           Colin Kaepernick
  • Cardinals      Drew Stanton
  • Rams           Sean King

If we break it down further…


The next four quarterbacks are not ones to fear.  There are no more 10am start games, where west coast teams start sluggish, and unless you are going to trick us with some crafty Special Teams play, we will finish 12-4.

As I posted on twitter three weeks ago after our loss to Kansas City, 12-4 should have us winning our division.


I missed the Rams winning and the Cardinals losing this past weekend but we’ll see how the rest of the games pan out.

We are peaking at the right time, Arizona peaked too early and their coach speaks before he thinks.

Enjoy the rest of the season!


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