So Surreal and Dear John, are going to test my abilities this weekend.

If I can get through the first two songs this weekend without breaking down I’m going to buy myself a Peanut Buster Parfait from Dairy Queen. Those 1000+ calorie items are death but there is so much emotion in both So Surreal and Dear John, that I’m going to need that incentive to push through.

Emotional and story based music doesn’t work as an act for me. These two songs (and every song on the upcoming album) are so much a part of my journey in what I see in today’s world I’m going to have to fight to keep it together.

So Surreal is about different levels of society, the haves and the havenots and the looking down on others that our world has been doing since the beginning of our species.  Even Christians like to mock and scoff at others that are not good enough.  Christians making fun of people that shop at Walmart is all over facebook.  They are the haves.  Or for me being looked down on because of bad grades, poor musicianship, or maybe that I just didn’t fit in with the ‘it’ crowd on Sunday.  I wonder if those folks would notice Mary either?

The most popular man of the day noticed Mary and He touched her.  He made her whole again and told her all about His plan for how the world should be.

The last two days of strumming my guitar in my office I’ve choked up thinking of how Mary must have felt when someone that was a part of the haves reached out to her.  How fitting of a title:  So Surreal.  No other words can describe her feeling of acceptance by the most popular figure of that time.

Dear John, breaks my heart everytime I think about those that I’ve shared the gospel with that are no longer serving the Lord.  There were nine total.  This week I read a facebook post from one of the nine, a female, that holds on to her feelings more than what scripture says.   That’s where I draw the line.  Your feelings don’t trump the word of God no matter how much I crave wanting to be accepted by you. How much I want to be your friend.  Your feelings based gospel is something that you are going to have to figure out on your own.


True, I call you friend and I will love you unconditionally but it will be a love that stands firm on the foundation of Christ.

a) You can do whatever your feelings dictate you do.
b) You can scoff at me for having self control.

Hearing your scoffs hurts me more than you know but I am not weak.  Just like the prodigal’s son’s dad didn’t leave the porch to save his son I will not leave the porch to cater to your mocking of the word of God.

I may cry when I say goodbye but goodbye is still said and there are no apologies, sympathy or regret.  The reason I cry isn’t because I feel sorry for you it’s because of my memories.  My memories of standing next to you leading others in worship of the most precious King of Kings and how that has been replaced by your spewing of hate towards the scriptures.

I love you but I will not save you.  You will have to save yourself and come on the long journey home where you will find me smiling, accepting, and caring as you heal.

That’s what I’ve missed about the stage.  It was my soapbox.  It was my turn to speak up in this wacky world and It’s been a while.  I know my voice and playing are a little out of shape, but I will come with the same passion I’ve always come with.  Maybe I’ll even break a string or two like the good ‘ol days because my strumming is intermixed with my heart.

Hope to see you there.


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