Are we Famous to God?

I’ve thought long and hard about posting a blog about this subject because I don’t want it to come across as judgemental or that I’m condemning someone, especially in the music scene.  These artists may someday become collaborating friends of mine so please understand where I’m going with this and feel free to comment.

Those that participate in music typically are focused on what they do best when they first hear a song.  Singers listen for vocals, drummers, drums, guitarist, listen for guitar riffs and so forth.  As a songwriter (I’m more that than a singer) I listen for lyrical content and what the artist is trying to say.

I heard the song “He Knows My Name” by Francesca Battistelli yesterday taking a break from the studio mixing So Surreal, and a line jumped out at me that I haven’t been able to shake these past 12 hours.


The line that jumped out at me was:  I’m famous in my Father’s eyes.

At first I thought to myself, ‘huh, I wonder what she meant by that?’  I came home and it was still nagging at me so I went online and listened to the song on youtube and someone had conveniently put the lyrics to read while listening.  I asked my wife Lindsay what she thought and she didn’t think anything of it.  Didn’t bother her at all.

First off her message is a great one! We don’t need the world to recognize us for our accomplishments (name in lights) for God (He) knows my name.  I LOVE THAT MESSAGE!

So why does the line in between the message bug me so much?  I’m confident that her heart is in the right place and don’t know if she writes her own music but why am I even posting this on my blog?

Here is where I’d love some feedback from you but let me give you some context.  I read the bible daily, just the new testament this last year.  I break it down to reading the entire NT every quarter of the year (which is about 3 chapters a day).  There is a theme throughout the NT that I find in that we are nothing without God.  We are nothing until we are born again.

I looked up the word famous which is defined as:  widely known, honored for achievement, excellent, first rate.

Do I believe that God doesn’t think these things about us?

No, not really, I just think this isn’t important to God.  Our need or desire for being widely known, or honored for achievement is a human element that is growing like wildfire within the church circle.

As I type this thoughts invade my mind of how much of a positive thinker I am and what’s the difference.  Exactly my point.  What is the difference?  I can’t put my finger on why I think it’s dangerous for us to consider ourselves famous in God’s eyes.

To complicate things we know that there are rewards in heaven.  We know that some of us will place our crown at the feet of the King of Kings.  Rewards is something you receive when honored for achievement.

Perhaps it’s me thinking of those that are wounded, feel unworthy of being apart of God’s kingdom.  Their dealing with thoughts like: God won’t accept me because I’m (insert whatever someone may have issues with).  How is that person to think of how famous they are in God’s eyes.  When the prodigal’s son returned home the first words out of his mouth to his father was:  I’m not worthy to be your son. 

Jesus is the famous one.  He is the one we boast about with our lips and think about in our thoughts.  It’s less about who I am and more about who He is.  Even in our private thoughts.

I’d love to hear from you and get your thoughts but before commenting please understand these two points.

1) I’m not confused.
In your feedback or comments there is no need to try and explain what I’m feeling.  I know what I’m feeling.  There is a slippery slope to internal thoughts of being famous in God’s eyes.  I need to better understand why.

2) I’m not wrong about this.
Let’s not debate.  I’m tired of believers trying to one up each other.  If you disagree, that’s fine, state what you believe in the comments, back it up with scripture, and I’ll research your points.  I’m not afraid of being corrected.  It helps me learn.  In fact, I would gladly write a follow up blog if I find that there really isn’t anything wrong about being worthy of acknowledgment by the creator of the entire universe when I am just a mere mortal.

There is something stirring in my heart that I just can’t articulate at this time.  Your contribution is appreciated.













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