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I added a track called If You Could Hear What I Hear to recorded in 2004.  All purchases and downloads of the song between now and 9/20/2014 will be donated to the 2014 Seattle Brain Cancer Walk.

You can read the article here

In 2004 I received a call that my cousin, Corrie, had been hit by a drunk driver and was in critical condition and eventually died.  It was the first time a close relative had died that wasn’t older.  It hit me hard.  When I was asked to sing at the funeral I agreed and thought about singing I Can Only Imagine or What a Day but someone had other plans.

As I sat to work on the songs I felt as if someone was trying to tell me something.  It was Corrie.  The next 5-10 minutes I wrote what I felt she was telling me to write.   Christina and I went to the studio and recorded a simple track so those close to Corrie could listen to it when they needed comforting.

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