Finding God’s Will

From August Reset contributor Kim Duarte

August Reset 30:31

Before going to sleep every night, I would log onto the Brooklyn Tabernacle website to listen to Jim Cymbala’s preaching. I loved sleeping to the sound of God’s Word at night. Also, it faithfully helped me focus my mind on the sermon and keep my overstimulated brain from bouncing from one thought to the next, keeping me up all night. I miss that, and I am looking forward to hearing his sermons again starting September 1st.

September 1st is less than a week away, and although it’s been a long and hard month, I’m glad I chose to participate in the media fast because I discovered something very valuable. I discovered how much peace was absent from my life. I’m not just referring to the absence of noise itself, but the absence of anxiety the noise brought from social media. Without being inundated by advertisements, people’s opinions, and the news, I am discovering a new…

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