Day 11 – As I grow quiet, the world grows louder

From my journal entry of August Reset 30:31

August Reset 30:31

newsDay 11 without TV, social media, games and Netflix.

Day 11 spending the final 30 minutes sitting in the quiet listening for God’s voice.

Yesterday was Sunday and every Sunday I do the laundry for the family. I don’t know why but I love doing laundry.  Typically, I’ll put a show on or better yet in the fall when folding laundry on Sunday I’m watching football!   But yesterday, like every day this August, there was no TV.   In between folding I went to my computer and did some work for my day job.  A lot is happening there and there are some pretty cool opportunities I can take advantage of.  When the load signal went off I’d stop working, head over to the dryer, grab the clothes and start folding.  In the quiet.

My wife Lindsay, bless her heart, is also doing this with me.  She doesn’t want…

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