Day 5-I WANT!

More journal entries from Kim. Great stuff

August Reset 30:31

Ahhh!!! Help! Oh my goodness, what kind of creepy bug is that? Oh good, it’s just a freaky-lookin’ cricket. Oh sorry, God, I got sidetracked…and by the way, God, why did you make such nasty looking creatures anyways? I hope there won’t be any snakes in heaven. Not on my mansion’s turf!

These thoughts raced through my mind as I was sitting in my “quiet place” waiting for God to speak. Then I remembered that I’m suppose to clear my head to focus on hearing from God. Emotionally drained, I fight off disruptive thoughts and press past my lethargic spiritual state.

Okay, so it’s not going perfectly…no, not at all. While listening for God’s voice, I wondered if it was at all possible for someone to completely clear their mind. So far, I don’t think it is possible.  So, why do I continue doing this social media fast? Well, it’s because my wants…

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