Crack and Social Media

From Kim’s August Reset journal

August Reset 30:31

Life can’t continue like this- it’s unacceptable. While reading God’s Word, I see Biblical characters whose lives were ignited by their zeal for God and His righteousness. How can I allow indifference to steal the evangelistic life that I have the privilege of living? Unintentionally, I’ve welcomed complacency into my numb-like heart and have carelessly sacrificed zeal for God at the devil’s altar of spiritual complacency (even though I spend time with God on a daily basis). So, I’ve made a decision: I will do what it takes to go deeper with God and hear His voice more clearly. With child-like faith, I will lean on the promise that if I draw close to God, He will draw close to me. For me, this came packaged as August Reset 30:31, a social media fast.

Simply put, August Reset 30:31 is extremely difficult. I’ve never done crack, but when it comes to quitting cold-turkey, there’s got to be some similarities between crack…

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