What is The Great Revival?

I’ve been in Boston for the past six days and typically when I’m staying downtown I like to experience the area by taking long walk/runs in different directions over different days.  While walking back to the hotel yesterday evening I stopped to take a couple of pictures.


The architecture in Boston is awesome, there are so many beautiful historical churches downtown.  I thought back to what it must have been like when the majority of the country honored God.  I love being an American!  I love that our country was founded on biblical principals and what a positive reminder of what was seeing these glorious buildings.

“God, what you could do with this is…” my thought was interrupted by the Lord’s voice.  He said:  “Not what I could do with this but what I will do with this.”

Goosebumps. Literally.

Where I stood I began to circle to see all parts of the city. A city that God is going to use in the forefront of The Great Revival that is coming.  I’ve been to Las Vegas, Chicago and live in Seattle but there is something about this city that my spirit immediately confirmed will set the trend and be the spark of the country’s next spiritual awakening.  [If you are thinking to yourself – I don’t hear from God – learn to filter the noise from your brain so you can hear Him.  If you are part of His family, He is speaking to you, if you can’t hear Him eliminate the noise.  You can join me next month for AR 30:31]

I tweeted this thought which posted to my Facebook account.  A friend of mine asked what The Great Revival was so I thought I would write a blog about it since the answer is very detailed.

If you know me you know I analyze everything.  You also know that I have been raised in the church since I was a baby and one thing I have always wondered is why doesn’t the greatest country in modern times (USA! USA! USA!) get mentioned in the bible during the end times?

I was raised in the Assembly of God so I’m a “pre-trib” guy (for those that want to debate me in this – get a life.  Go watch a movie or something, perhaps even write  your own blog.  My time isn’t worth discussing this in greater detail) so I believe that the church will be raptured home prior to the awfulness that we read about in the book of Revelation.  A great read is Left Behind, awesome story telling based around a common belief, hopefully Nick Cage does a better version.

So if America isn’t mentioned in the end times prophecy and other countries are, my thought is America is irrelevant when these events occur.  If America is the power house it is today, what is coming that will make us irrelevant?  (Isn’t this fun to think about).  🙂

Are we nuked away? Is there a Zombie virus where everyone dies?

Do we just not care about world events while Israel is being attacked?

Or has most of the population in the US vanished?  This is the camp that I fall in.

I believe that a revival will come to our country where the masses come to know Christ in an intimate way followed quickly by the Rapture which will allow for any other country to invade and conquer.  The US will be gone in my opinion.

As I jogged around Boston there was a feeling about the city that I haven’t felt before.  Maybe it’s the rich history of how they were influential in our independence as a country, maybe it’s the stigma of being in the shadow of New York, I don’t know why but God’s favor will reign on this city as the epicenter of his outpouring.

How’s that for a prediction?

Don’t be left behind in this opportunity to be a part of history.  Get prayed up and work on your self control.  Learn to hear and know God’s voice and when He tells you to do something, do it.



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