Team USA and my Soccer journey

USA-I-BelieveI’ll admit it.  I’m new to soccer.  Thought it was dumb, boring and all of the above.  A few months ago I was asked to coach my daughter’s soccer team.  [Sigh] O, I, guess I will.

I only coached one game but had to manage three practices.  In those practices I learned about the strategy behind the game which peeked my interest even further.

Now the USA is in the 82nd minute vs Belguim and I’m hooked.  The energy in this place (Red Robin – Overlake area) is all a buzz for our team.  Reminds me a little bit of our beloved Seahawks…well…let’s not get too crazy here.

I love the energy sports brings.  Everyone sitting here rooting for Team USA is from different backgrounds and we are all friends.  It was the same when the Seahawks won the Superbowl.  Everyone in the city of Seattle was high on a natural buzz for their team, for their wins.

Churches should take note in my opinion.  Not to ‘entertain’ us (the players don’t entertain us, they play to win) but to display passion for their craft and especially pastors, seriously, preach to win! Why don’t we in the church pump our fists once in a while, get excited during worship (it starts with the stage and the energy the stage brings) because right now in America, the church is boring and there is nothing boring about the King of Kings.


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