And the hype builds for movie NOAH

– wanted to give some perspective of how much I was waiting to see the movie NOAH.  I started writing this blog on Thursday, March 27th but didn’t finish.  Saw the movie yesterday afternoon and will write my blasting review later tonight when I’m not at work.  🙂  And yes, there will be blood.


Was Noah this ‘dark?’ I don’t know & neither does Glenn Beck.

As the hype and controversy builds for the upcoming release of the movie Noah I’d like to offer my perspective.

I remember seeing the trailer to this movie while watching Catching Fire.  My first thought was ‘what is this movie?’  There were biblical elements and characters but I couldn’t put my finger on it.  Then I saw the animals, wood for an ark and it hit me!  Hollywood is doing a big budget film based on a bible story!  FINALLY!

I’ve seen a lot of movies.  More than most of my friends.  I’ve trimmed down the amount recently due to more reading of books but typically I would watch 3-5 movies a week.  I like to call it research for my upcoming career.  🙂

With each month that has passed since we have heard more and more critics talk about the movie.  My dad and friends have concerns that this movie is something they may not watch because they do not want to support something that is not biblically accurate.

This is where I disagree.



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