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There is an article written by Scott Dannemiller that points fingers at Christians who are saying the wrong thing by saying they are blessed.   At first I shook it off as something I won’t waste my time addressing but more and more of my friends on FB are reposting it as pure gold.  So I searched online and his article has been reposted in a lot of places.

Uh-Oh, here I come.

(SIGH) Why is it that so many Christians like to point out what we shouldn’t be saying or doing or believing instead of sharing what we should be saying, doing or believing?

You can read his article here:

I have to disagree with Scott’s tone.  He uses three examples of things we shouldn’t say:

I’ve noticed a trend among Christians, myself included, and it troubles me. Our rote response to material windfalls is to call ourselves blessed.  Like the “amen” at the end of a prayer.

     “This new car is such a blessing.”

     “Finally closed on the house.  Feeling blessed.”

     “Just got back from a mission trip.  Realizing how blessed we are here in this country.”

On the surface, the phrase seems harmless.  Faithful even.  Why wouldn’t I want to give God the glory for everything I have?  Isn’t that the right thing to do?


—Back to me

For someone to suggest that I shouldn’t say I’m blessed when the new car I bought was a 1995 Nissan Altima for $1700 is just plain silly.

What if the house I closed on was below market value to the tune of $100,000 and it took over 18 months to close… “Thank you Lord for blessing me” shouldn’t be said?????

God bless America, a motto that our country to this day still holds true, is wrong?  I know the liberals want to take it away but now fellow Christians want to take it away too? Dang, what is going on here?

Scott continues by quoting what Jesus shared on the mount of olives, now read carefully.

3 Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

     4 Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

     5 Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.

     6 Blessed are those who hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they will be filled.

     7 Blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy.

     8 Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.

     9 Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called the sons of God.

    10 Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

—Back to me

There is no value placed on any of these great examples that Jesus shares.

You may ask, “Troy, what are you saying?  Do you dare suggest this applies to both the haves and the have nots?”

Yes, that is exactly what I’m saying.

I’ve noticed there are two types of Christian that are polar opposite of each other.

On one side you have this poverty mindset Christianity that we are expected to live a life of suffering.  These Christians cite Job as an example.  What’s funny is I also cite Job as an example.  (Job 42:  10After Job had prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes and gave him twice as much as he had before. 11All his brothers and sisters and everyone who had known him before came and ate with him in his house. They comforted and consoled him over all the trouble the Lord had brought on him, and each one gave him a piece of silvera and a gold ring.)

They point to Job’s suffering as how we should live.  I point to Job’s perseverance and how he had twice as much as before.

The other side has Christians that call you names for believing in a way that you were raised to believe and there is no need for any type of suffering.  Lent? Fast?  Meh – why do we need lent? Why do we need to fast?  We are of the new testament.

I shake my head, my spirit grieves and now I’m right in the midst of it doing the very thing I despise.  I am calling others out for what they say.

If you are someone of faith that has the privilege to share please do it from the perspective of speaking life.

Instead of a title like ‘The One Thing Christians Should Stop Saying’ present a positive tone and teach us something.  Get grounded in your point and share why this is on your heart and what the real purpose is.  After reading what Scott wrote I’m under the impression his purpose is to get me to stop saying the word ‘blessed’ because really, I’m not blessed.  Wha?

As I pointed out, the list that Jesus shared about ‘blessed are…’ can all be accomplished living as a wealthy person or poor person.  If using the word ‘blessed’ cringes fellow Christians they should really check themselves.

In fact I love the word blessed.  YOU KNOW WHY???? 

How else can I know who is a fellow Christian! Many times I meet new people at networking events and when they say they are blessed – BAM – we can now go there.

Now to the other side…sheesh…to those that like to dance all over the traditional way of Religion – Instead of ripping us old fuddy duddies TEACH US SOMETHING stop already with the drive by social media posts like ‘Religion is evil’ or ‘the Religious spirit prevents what God wants to do’.

It’s absolutely ridiculous.

Research the word religion, hold true to your convictions and help others understand where you are coming from.  Show your heart, not your wit, if a fellow believer becomes defensive there is something wrong in your approach.  Drive by posts are not done to teach and introduce a new way of embracing the many attributes of our Heavenly Father, they are made to incite and provoke which I don’t find Jesus did to those he cared about.  He definitely did to the proud but to the ones He cared about He didn’t.  Yes, you read that right, I don’t think Jesus cares to much for the proud.


And most importantly:  check yourself before you wreck yourself.  


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