Go see Son of God (Movie Review)


Yesterday I had the privilege to watch the new movie Son of God with my parents, daughters and worship leader of our church.  For those that know the scriptures there are scenes that will bug you.  Do what I did and get over it.  This movie is powerful and an investment that we should all make to ensure more biblical films are produced by Hollywood.

Since this is a movie review there will be spoilers, so if you would like to see more detail to my review please click the spoiler links.

The movie starts out with his life as a man, there isn’t much to his childhood.  My guess is that they used this film in conjunction with some of the footage that came from the Bible miniseries done by the same Executive Producer Mark Burnett.

For parents with small children, I would say that 8 years old is a good age to have them come and watch.  My 8 year old daughter and I had to leave when some of the scenes got intense but after talking to her in the movie lobby she agreed to come back in and we entered right as they were starting the whipping scene.  It was a beautiful moment.  She hid her face in my chest for some of the crucifixion and I didn’t hold back my tears watching my king sacrifice his life for us.  There was one point that my chest rocked back and forth as I cried like a blubbering fool and she gripped tighter burrowing deeper into my chest.  Truly a moment neither of us will forget.

This Jesus was the ‘smiling’ Jesus.  When I played the character in 1997 for our church’s passion play I played the ‘man of many sorrows’ Jesus.  It took me a while to get over some of the accent and use of contraction words (it’s, your’s, we’re) but once I was immersed in the story it was fine.

I loved the Peter character, a true tough guy that knew how to pack a punch.  When I read about Peter in my readings this is the kind of guy I think of.  Always walking the edge with passion that sometimes gets the best of him.  If this Peter were to join Jim Caviezel’s Jesus in Passion of the Christ you would have an all star cast for the greatest story ever told.

[contains spoilers] Further notes for son of god.

All in all such a great movie to watch, go with an open mind and you will not be disappointed.


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