A Dangerous Lion with Fire


In my life I’ve been called three things by three different people over the last seven years that have stuck.

In 2007 I came out of the entrepreneur closet and started my first ‘real’ company called Sports 4E.  I had a designer partner and developer partner.  The idea was mine, and a good one, but I needed help in building it.

The process was slow.  Deadlines were missed without explanation from the team.  I was new at managing people and quite frankly it’s hard to manage someone that is giving of their time with no compensation.

After a few months with nothing to show I reached out to a friend of a friend that had done some consulting work with bootstrapped start ups.  He interviewed my partners and came back with what he thought was a concerning comment by one of them.

“Troy,” he said, “I want you to know something because I think it’s important.”

“OK” I answered, “what is it?”

“[name] called you dangerous.” He said with concern.

“Dangerous?  What does that mean?”  I asked in disbelief.

“I don’t know but since he’s one of the partners I think you should know what he thinks about you.”

That comment has stuck with me for a long time.  Mainly a head scratcher but after reading the book, Wild at Heart, last week I’m going to take it as a compliment.

Yes, I’m dangerous  When I put my mind to something it gets done.  The problem with the first 42 years of my life is I put my mind to the wrong things.  Things that didn’t alight with my STEM.

Last year I was asked out for coffee by someone I met at a networking event.  In the midst of our conversation we both discovered that we were Christians.  He shared his vision of what he’d like to do with his ministry.  I like talking to guys with passion, this guy had it.  As we were wrapping up he made the comment.  “I want to meet lions, lions like you.  You’re a lion.”

I listened.

He continued, “I want to meet wealthy people that can contribute back to the community that not only needs their funds but their way of thought, how they approach life.  Lions like Bill Gates, CEO’s, Presidents, and other wealthy business professionals.

I didn’t matter that I live paycheck to paycheck and have less than $200 in savings working as a Manager for a small consulting company.  He sees me as a Lion.

That stuck.

Troy Ritchie a dangerous lion.  Hmmm, what is God doing?

Last week, I found out a prospect was attending a week long conference in Las Vegas.  I love Vegas, have a place to stay with my brother and need to close this deal.  It’s a big one so I checked the flights and presented it to my boss as a small investment since they didn’t have to pay for the hotel.

My plan was to fly out early Monday morning but the cheapest flight by almost $80 was Saturday.  That’s ok, my parents were in town and I could hang out with the family a bit.

When I arrived on Saturday I found out that my dad was speaking on Sunday night.  I had no idea.  He was to share his testimony of coming back from the dead.  I’ll never get tired of hearing that story.

The church was packed.  The energy was electric.  The anticipation felt like it did when a bunch of church goers watched the Seahawks thump on the Broncos in the Super Bowl.   It was cool.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I’m much more into influencing the world by how we live our daily life than the Sunday services that can get a little wacky.  Drunk in the spirit, tongues, even prophecy is all fantastic but when the same folks that do that are different Monday through Saturday it goes to waste.  I’m not a skeptic, just approach each day the same as Sunday.  The supernatural is coming, and I believe it’s coming to me as well.  But when it does it will come as it did for the early church, miracles that meet the needs of the lost.

All that said, my brother can bring it.  He is an anointed worship leader that others may chuckle at regarding his musical chops but I’ll put him up against any worship leader that leads a congregation.  So many worship leaders forget one very important piece of their role.  LEAD.  I’ve heard some say to the congregation ‘you need to come to worship.’  Well, I’ve always said that the teacher is paid to teach and the student just shows up.  The responsibility falls on the one leading, so lead.   Anyway, I digress.  Bottom line the church was rocking last Sunday night with holy ghost movements, prophetic dancing and releasing of the spirit.  What was also cool is that I wasn’t supposed to be there.  I didn’t even know this service was going to happen.  God is good.

Then came my dad who preached one of his best sermons I’ve heard (and I’ve heard a lot).  Believe it or not he even made eye contact!  I was so proud to see my brother,  mom and dad doing what they are called to do.

My dad was spent, you could tell, as he wrapped up the call to the alter was made and half of the congregation came down for prayer.  My dad’s message of the church needing to come back from the spiritual dead like he came back from physical death was powerful.  So many lost dreams that need to be resurrected for so many people.  There were tears, dancing, kneeling, speaking in tongues, everything I remember as a kid.

It was almost over so I sat down.  A couple of minutes later someone tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned around to see an older lady who wanted to tell me something.  She was warm in her approach but you could see this was hard for her.

“I have something to tell you and I don’t know what it means.”

“That’s ok” I said leaning closer to her with a smile.

“You have fire coming out of you.”

“What?” I asked.

“You have fire coming out of you. and I don’t know if it’s bad or good.”

It stuck.

I looked to her trying to hold back any bit of tears.  “Oh it’s good” I reassured her.  “It’s good and thank you so much for sharing.”

She said ok and as quickly as she came she left.

I turned to face the front and in the midst of the movement of the Holy Spirit I sat, smiled, and thought.

I’m a dangerous lion with fire.   And it is good.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cara says:

    You are still incredible my brother! I so want to just hug you… because I know you… I will refrain… you’re welcome!

    But I miss you and the entire C&B gang… I learned so much from each person I worked with there. This article is so you and so fantastic!


  2. Lynn Loweecey says:

    Yes! Yes you are Troy!

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