The Brave Michael Sam

michaelsamSigh.  I guess it’s time to admit that Seahawk talk has come to an end.  Baseball players are going to report soon and before you know it March Madness will be here.

That’s not what dominated the airwaves today though,  it was all about Michael Sam.  The SEC co-defensive player of year announced that he’s gay.

This isn’t a PR stunt like our friend Jason Collins who’s declining basketball skills prompted him to come out of the closet and try to resurrect his career.   Jason Collins deceived everyone, including his fiance.  From what I understand, Michael Sam came out to his teammates years ago and was open about his lifestyle.  Michael Sam is a pre drafted football player that has a bright future ahead of him.  It took some guts to come out like he did before the NFL combine.

The fabricated debate on sports talk radio today was amusing.  Here were the sport talk jocks trying to get someone to stand on a different view just so they could talk about it more.  No one took the bait, quite frankly it isn’t a big deal, this was bound to happen, the courage to come out by Michael Sam will be related to his teammates and NFL GMs.

Even though GM’s will shy away from the drama, I don’t know if this will be as polarizing as Tim Tebow.  Go figure right, a Christian talking about his faith in a country founded on Christian beliefs is the one most GM’s are going to run away from.

What I like about football is you are a number.  Doesn’t matter if you are black, white, short, tall, slow, fast, weak, strong, if you can make plays you will play.  If you can’t, regardless of contract, you are cut.  It’s about football.  Not who you sleep with.

Still, this took guts by Michael Sam.  I tip my cap to him and wish we all stood strong by our convictions.  Willing to risk future opportunities for our cause.  (My cause is Christ BTW).

That said there are two things that I’ve heard all day that just aren’t true and I’d like to address them.

1.  “There are at least five gay players on each football team.”

(yawn) Oh the 10% statistic that some like to use.  What a load of crap.  Just like there isn’t proof of a gay gene, there is no proof or evidence of 1 out of 10 being gay.  And what is ‘being gay?’  There are some that were gay and now straight, were straight and now gay, and so on.  To generalize it with some made up 10% rule is irresponsible.

2.  “This is just like Jackie Robinson breaking the color barrier in sports.”

Seriously?  We heard this with Jason Collins and it is not the same.  Not even close.


You can’t hide your skin color.  There are many people in the closet that are dealing with their attractions refusing to come out because they are fighting it.  Whether or not you think that is right or wrong is irrelevant, it’s true.

I’ve never heard an African American say “you think I wanted to be born this way?”  No, I’ve never heard that, as a human race we are proud of our heritage.  When someone calls me white, I quickly remind them I’m Puerto Rican.  Jackie Robinson couldn’t hide who he was.  Michael Sam could have.  Let’s keep this in perspective and stop comparing things that aren’t true.

If you read my blog you know where I stand on the gay debate.  I don’t believe anyone is born gay.  I don’t believe anyone is born straight.  There are too many factors to consider when someone is developing their attractions.   Parents, teachers, friends, tv, movies, you name it it all plays a part on what we are attracted to.

Sometimes my beliefs cause others to say I’m hateful.  They don’t know me for if they did they would know I’m incapable of hating.

I’ll close with this.  I would welcome Michael Sam to the Seahawks if Pete Carroll saw something in him that could help our football team win games.  I would cheer just as loudly for him as any other defensive lineman sacking the opponents QB.  In the end it’s about football, it’s about a number on the jersey, a helmet on your head and it’s about winning.

Go Hawks.


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