My NFL 2014 Super Bowl Prediction



My beloved Seahawks are facing the hated Broncos for the ultimate prize in sports.  For Seahawk fans of the 1980’s the Denver Broncos were a team that we didn’t like along with the Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers.

The Broncos come in stacked.  Peyton Manning has averaged 39 passing attempts per game with most of them being underneath routes.  Similar to the preseason game verses the Seahawks, he will continue to ‘underneath’ the Seahawks powerful defense.

In their preseason game this season Peyton Manning played about a quarter and a half and threw for a whopping 163 yards.  Nothing over the top, everything underneath and the Seattle Defense had trouble stopping it.  I envision the same type of game for the Super Bowl.  The NFL Network’s morning crew debated whether or not Peyton Manning would top Kurt Warner’s yardage record of 414 yards.  I think he does, I think he gets close to 500 yards.  In fact I think the Broncos get to the end zone twice and only twice.

Looking over the history of top defenses in big games I am shocked to find how often they win.  I remember the high flying Seahawks in 2007, we went into Green Bay and the Packers were favored to win.  It was cold, I was nervous, but hey, we still get to play in a playoff game.

Then we scored, whew, up 7-0.

BAM, turn over, we score again.  YES!  14-0 over the favorite.  I sat back in my chair, gave a deep sigh, looked at my buddy relived and said, “sweet, we got this.”

The Packers scored and we got the ball back, Matt Hasselbeck went back to pass, released it to our receivers and


Seahawks meet Atari Bigby.


It was brutal.  I screamed at my television set: “They can’t do that!” The remaining 3 and a half quarters were more of the same. We were bullied, we were punished, we got punched in the mouth and I’ll never forget that feeling.  We were soft.  The Packers beat it out of us.

Football is a violent game.  I get it.  But this new era of Seahawks has taken that to the next level.  The Bronco receivers have no idea what is about to come.  Yes, they will get their catches, Peyton Manning will get his yards but it will hurt.  When it hurts the most is in the 4th quarter.  The Broncos will have the lead going into the 4th quarter and the Seahawks will pull it out with a monster game from Zach Miller, yep, the forgotten TE for the Seahawks will rise up and help Russell Wilson secure his first Super Bowl MVP.

End of 1st Quarter
Broncos 10  Seahawks 0

Half time
Broncos 17  Seahawks 7

End of 3rd Quarter
Broncos 20 Seahawks 17

Seahawks 34  Broncos 23



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