The Seahawks will win SB and history proves it

#1 Offense vs #1 Defense here we go!


You will hear from talking heads that the Broncos have a chance, well, really if history is to repeat itself they don’t have a shot.  Not even a good one.

Even my beloved talk show host Colin Cowherd is picking the Denver Broncos to win in Super Bowl 48 and this guy is good – I’m reading his book, he moves Vegas lines.  Colin Cowherd couldn’t pick the Seahawks to beat the San Francisco 49ers and it’s the same reason he can’t pick the Seahawks to win the Super Bowl.  He just can’t see the Seahawks celebrating after the win, he can’t see Russell Wilson holding up the Lombardi and Peyton Manning in the background going golly, shucks, geez, I lost to that guy.

Peyton is not going to lose to ‘that guy’ Peyton is going to lose to those guys.  All of those guys, the Legion of Boom, Blue Tide of a defensive line and those in the middle of the pack.

Here is a stat:  Since defensive statistics were taken in 1970, the number 1 ranked NFL Defense that played in the Super Bowl has NEVER LOST.

Let me repeat that.


You can go through my source at the NFL Stats site by clicking this link.

Here are my notes

Season and Super Bowl Champion
2008 – PIT Steelers
2002 – TB Buccaneers over #1 Offense OAK Radiers

*the highly talked about 2000 season Baltimore Ravens were the second ranked NFL defense.

1996 – GB Packers
1993 – DAL Cowboys

*1989 note #1 NFL ranked offense SF 49ers beat #1 NFL ranked defense Minnesota Vikings 34-9 in Divisional playoff round.

1985 – CHI Bears
1977 – DAL Cowboys
1974 – PIT Steelers
1972 – MIA Dolphins

The only time two number ones have met in the Super Bowl were the OAK Raiders and TB Buccaneers in which the Buccaneers won going away.


I’ll give my prediction for the game later but not to worry Seahawk fans, we got this.


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