Does being the hottest team going into the NFL playoffs matter?

Super_Bowl_XLVIII_logoThe San Francisco 49ers are the hottest team in the NFL and the hottest heading into the playoffs.  What does that mean exactly? Is being the hottest team in the NFL going into the playoffs really the best position to be in?  How important is a late season loss that stings players so they don’t have to feel that way pushing them through the shorten post season.

I posted this image of Colin Kaepernick because it’s one where he’s actually wearing clothes.  The nude pics from ESPN are just too inappropriate for a man that claims to be a Christian.  Yeah, I go there.


The San Francisco 49ers won their last seven games in a row heading into the playoffs.  Their two playoff wins put them on a 9 game winning streak and flying high.  Two streaks will collide this Sunday night verses the Seahawks.

Either a two game losing streak against the Seahawks at Seattle will come to an end or the 49er’s nine game winning streak will get snapped.

In the last ten years the only team to win the Super Bowl riding a six game winning streak are the 2003 New England Patriots who played all their playoff games at home.

The San Francisco 49ers are playing their third ROAD playoff game in a row.

Click the image to see the stats.


Go Hawks!


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