My 2014 NFL Divisional Round Predictions

It’s been six days since I posted my pics and less than two hours from kickoff I’m sticking with my bold predictions of three road teams winning in the divisional round.  I was 4-0 last week in predictions for the NFL Wildcard Round, so we’ll see how this week shapes up.

Saints vs Seahawks


It’s raining.  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  Yeah, this is where I live; Seattle, Washington and for the third time in three years the Saints are coming to our house.

There was a Seahawks hater that posted a comment on a friend’s thread on Facebook that the Saints were going to come into the CLink and lay a whuping on the Seahawks because it’s hard to beat a team twice.  I responded to his comment in my own ‘stir it up’ way by writing:  I know, just look at what the Chiefs did to the Colts.  He didn’t find the humor in my wisecrack.

Sarcasm aside, I think this game will be similar to that game and the noise of Seattle will not worry the first 15-20 scripted plays by the Saints.  My prediction is that the Saints will get out to a 14-3 lead in the first half and by the time we are in the fourth quarter it will be tied or within 3.  In the end, the noise, rain, wind and Beauty and Beast will be too much for the Saints.

My pick:  Seahawks 31  Saints 20

Colts vs Patriots

Tom Brady, Ricardo Mathews

 Andrew Luck’s comeback was amazing last week for he has the same positive drive that Russell Wilson does:  Nothing fazes them.  In fact, I’m picking a Colts victory over the Seahawks in the Superbowl based solely on Andrew Luck.

My predictions are just that, predictions. I miss doing them since I don’t run sports leagues anymore.  It’s fun to put down your thoughts prior to kickoff BUT there is no sure thing this weekend.  I could go 0-4 just as easy as I went 4-0 last week.

The Patriots are a great team led by a great quarterback and this one will be a back and forth affair that I’ll probably watch after the kids are in bed.   How it shapes out I don’t know but I think the winning team wins by three or less and it may go into overtime.

My pick:  Colts 33  Patriots 30  OT

49ers vs Panthers

hardy even more on Kaep

Yeah, I know, I’m picking the 49ers but showing an image of Colin Kaepernick getting smashed by the Panther’s D.  Well, should I pass up on an opportunity to show Kaepernick getting smashed?  Heck no!  When the proud fall, they fall hard.

My problem with the 49ers start with their whiny coach and egotistical QB.  If you watched the Packer game last week you can see how many other players despise Kaepernick.  After he was picked off by Tramon Williams, Williams returned the interception a few yards and saw number 7 coming in to tackle him.  Did Williams try and make a move around the tackling Kap?  Nope, he lowered his shoulder and smashed into the QB.  Kaepernick was awarded the tackle but what stuck out to me was how much the opposing player wanted to hurt Kap.  Now imagine that same play but only the INT was by QB Russell Wilson or QB Andrew Luck.  Is the intercepting player looking to make a hit on the QB who threw the pic or are they trying to gain more yards to improve their field position?  Players don’t like Kap for some reason.  Might be the same reason I don’t, he thinks he’s bigger than he really is, claims to be a Christian yet visits the Playboy Mansion.  Be true to yourself.  If you carry the ‘Christian’ card don’t go hang with the playboy bunnies.  If you play for the 49ers, don’t wear a Dolphin hat.

Hypocrisy doesn’t lose you football games however and the 49ers will make more plays than the Panthers.

My pick:  49ers  20  Panthers  14

Chargers vs Broncos

chargers-broncos-football-philip-rivers_pg_600Today’s temp in Denver has a high of 63.  Tomorrow the temp drops with a high of 43 and a low of 25 degrees.  Peyton Manning is the smartest QB in the league.  He has to be, he throws ducks.

I remember watching Russell Wilson in the second half vs the Broncos last year in the pre season and the first thing I thought to myself was, ‘wow he throws the ball hard.’  It really jumped out at me because I had watched the entire first half of two Duck throwers, Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn.

In cold weather and windy games you have to have a tight spiraled ball with a lot of drive.  That’s not Peyton, he throws it quick to his play makers within 2 seconds of the snap.  He’s smart.  Everyone knows that, he plays at the same level whether it’s the regular season or playoffs.  The difference?  Other players raise their level for the playoffs.  Peyton is such a perfectionist he is playing at his high level all the time.  When the rest of the league rises for the playoffs it’s now harder competition resulting in marginal playoff numbers.

Bottom line, Tim Tebow will be the only recent Denver QB to win a playoff game.

My pick:  Chargers 19 Broncos 17


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