My 2014 NFL Playoff Predictions

Chiefs vs Colts

There are some that think that Lucas Oil Stadium is the loudest in the NFL.  Pardon my skepticism for I’m writing this blog from Seattle where, well, let’s just say we are pretty loud up here in the Northwest.

The Colts don’t need help from the crowd this year.  They are primed for a Super Bowl run under 2nd year QB Andrew Luck.  The Chiefs have been remarkable this year but it’s win or go home now and going home will be the draw for the Chiefs.

This game should be close, as most of the games this weekend.  That’s why the new skool NFL is so fun to watch.  My prediction is the Chiefs will hold a lead much of the game and Andrew Luck will add to his game winning drives and win it in the 4th quarter.

My pick:  Colts 31   Chiefs 28

Saints vs Eagles

The Saints have not had a good year on the road.  They are 3-5 playing outside of the dome and haven’t really recovered from that butt whipping in Seattle.  Tack on the 0-5 road record by Sean Peyton and Drew Brees you have the makings of an easy Eagles win.

Hold on there partner…

The Eagles were 4-4 this year playing at home which is interesting for a playoff team to have in today’s NFL.  They will have their hands full with a ticked off Saints team that should be the division winner if not for the late loss to the Panthers.

Drew Brees is going to come in and show the Eagles just how good he is.  For those worried about that 0-5 on the road, well, streaks end, even bad ones and the more they lose in a row only adds pressure to the next team they play on the road in the playoffs.  They win this one going away.

My pick:  Saints:  38   Eagles 24

Chargers vs Bengals

Bengal’s coach Marvin Lewis brought out the video of the Chargers “calling for” the Bengals after their improbable win last week verses the Chiefs.  Apparently coach Lewis didn’t like that and added motivation is needed for Sunday’s game.

[yawn] Really?

That’s why the Bengals will lose this one.  Teams that are the bully on the block don’t really care what’s being said they are focused on the task at hand.  The Chargers are playing with a lot of momentum and a team that shouldn’t be in the playoffs is a dangerous one.  Yeah, yeah, I know, the Bengals beat up teams that play in Cincinnati, averaging 40 points a game, yada, yada, yada.  I still don’t buy it.

My pick:  Chargers:  26  Bengals:  17

49ers vs Packers

This one is tough for me to predict for two reasons.

1)  I hate the 49ers

2)  I hate the 49ers…er wait…not that’s not it, the second reason is the weather.

The weather has a high at zero degrees and a low of -18. OOOOuch, that is coooooold.  The 49ers are the better team but with the cold being the way it is I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers pulled off the upset.

My guess is Colin Kaepernick will do the same thing he’s done in all playoff games away from home he’ll dig himself a big hole to which he will have to climb out of.  The Packers will start out big then fail in holding off.

My pick:  49ers:  17  Packers:  14



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