“Are you saved?” Asked the preacher. Wayne Ritchie is back

Going back to work has been an interesting experience.  I know my dad is getting better but it has still been hard to focus these last few days.  This morning while in a sales meeting I received a text that the breathing tube had been removed.  Such a great moment but my emotions were mixed since I wasn’t there.  I’d be there soon, but still, would have liked to have been there in the morning.

For lunch I had a sales meeting with an old friend from college.  The first words out of his mouth as we sat down was “how is your dad?”  I was so focused on presenting our services that I forgot what he may have known through social media.

“He’s doing great,” I said, “he got his tube out today.”

The rest of the meeting went well until my phone rang.  With all that is going on I check my phone often, sure enough it was my mom calling.

“Do you mind if I take this?”  I asked my friend.

“Yes please do.”  He said.

“Hello?” I said as I picked up my phone.

“Troooyyyy???”  The gargle coming through the phone sounded like chewbacca (we just watched episode 4 a few days ago) and my fears had been confirmed.  Something had happened and my mom was hysterical.

“Mom, what’s wrong?”  I asked as I stood up to signal the waitress for the check.

“Troy, where are you?  Why aren’t you here?”

That wasn’t my mom…but the voice was so faint and the coverage was awful.

“Troy, when are you going to get here?  I want to see my grand-kids.”

Wait a minute?  Who was this….

it was my dad.

My dad that died Friday, October 11th.

My dad that had a tube in his mouth for 11 days.

My dad that has had four heart attacks since February.

He was is back.

I arrived at the hospital and oh boy was I surprised.  First off I can see why we Ritchie boys don’t drink.  An intoxicated Wayne Ritchie is quite flirty with the ladies, well, maybe not flirty but definitely friendly with the ladies.

“Are you saved?”  He asked the nurse.



“No I’m a buddist.”  She chuckled.

“Did you know that Buddah himself believed that Jesus was the Messiah.”  My dad said confidently.

She laughed as she left the room.

“Dad, do you want to watch TV?”  My brother asked.

“TV, who’s got time for TV? I’m going to write a book.”

A new nurse entered the room, he had to take blood from my dad.

“Are you saved?”  He asked the gentleman.

“No, I wouldn’t say that.”  The nurse mumbled.

“I’ll pray that you get saved before I leave.”  My dad said with a smile.

Who is this?  I haven’t seen this type of boldness since he was preaching in a small church at Kurtistown, HI.

“I’m going to Hawaii!”  He boasted.  “I’m going to PREACH!”

There is a reason he didn’t pass on to the other side; I didn’t know what that reason was until this evening.  Doctor after Doctor has been amazed to see what has transpired in the last few days.  The janitor walked by congratulating Chris and my mom.  This experience has touched the entire staff.

Currently, he’s laughing and scolding Chris for making him laugh.

“Hey dad!” Chris said jokingly “I need to tell you something.”

“What?” My dad asked as Chris put some food in his mouth.

“Obama was impeached and Romney is president!”

“Stooooooooop” my dad said laughing hysterically “I’m not supposed to lauuuugggghhhhhh!”

What a chain of events.  Right now we are trying to convince him that calling everyone that he wants to call is not a good idea.

“I died and now I’m back.  What have I to fear.”  He boasted.

“Just don’t make me laugh.”




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