Today my dad looked at me


The morning started with some hoops.  I needed it, I needed to run so my emotions would settle down.  Last night was tough, we were all tired and getting a little bit of cabin fever in our quiet room.  (Feel free to visit us at Evergreen Hospital).

The sleeping arrangements were miserable but Chris had it the worst.  He slept on the floor that was pretty much a blanket over concrete.  It was freezing for him but he wanted to give the couch to my mom and me.   Let’s just say that’s not going to happen tonight.

I woke up around 5:30 am and headed over to the gym where I play on Tuesday mornings.  The first couple of games I was getting my legs loose but after each loss I become more and more irritated.  By the last game one of my bad passes resulted in another turnover and I barked at my teammate for not trying to get my bad pass.

“Come on man, show some effort!”  I barked.  He tried to coach me in how improve my passing game but I was having none of that.

Later in the game someone from the other team was in my way.  Not setting a screen per-say but conveniently in my way so their teammate could come around his, sort of, screen.  Well, since he was in my way I two hand shoved him to the side.  He didn’t appreciate it.  Instead of apologizing I was again confrontational telling him that he needs to set a pic or I’m going to go through it.

Yeah I was a little cranky this morning.  The run did feel good but my last game wasn’t a good witness for who I am as a man.  These days at the hospital are exhausting.  Work is blowing up for me so I’m really enjoying working but juggling this part of my life with a busy workload has been difficult.

Speaking of my work day it started with an update from my brother on my dad’s new FB page.  He mentioned that the doctor started their morning conversation by saying “Well, it’s pretty much good news”. She also said he is “progressing” every day.


That gave me a pep to my step before I headed to my morning sales meeting and wouldn’t ya know it, pretty much set up a great opportunity for my sales funnel.  90 days out. I needed this.

I finally got back to the hospital this afternoon around 3:30 pm.  Lindsay and I coordinated a meal plan on the phone and she created a meal site online.  I miss Linz, the kids and Keeper but this is worth my time away.  I’m compelled to match the fight in my father to press through and not get discouraged for that affects how often I pray.  Prayer works people and I’m not afraid to be an example for others.

They took some of the drugs off and were expecting my dad to wake up on his own.  He was taking his time but according to the doctor that is normal (he’s on a lot of meds).  Around 5:30 they started stretching his arms.  He hates that.  He immediately opened his eyes.  I was positioned to his left next to his breathing machine that is constantly on (he’s between 60 and 100% of oxygen throughout the day).  After they were done his head leaned over to his left.  I saw that his eyes were open so i said ‘hey dad.’

This is where it gets cool.

His eye balls were looking through everything and there wasn’t a real connection.  After hearing my ‘hey dad’ his eye balls rose up to look at me directly.  I could barely contain my excitement so I gave him a big smile.  He connected with me, he heard my voice and his eyeballs looked directly at me.   What a glorious moment.

About three hours later another nurse came in and let us know we need our rest.  I know but dang it’s hard to be away.  As tired as I am I just want to be here to see him snap out of this funk.  Anyway, she wanted us to know that our real work will start once he’s home.


That’s the first time a nurse has referenced home.  We are getting better as a family to not nit pick at every update so we waited until she left.

“Did you hear what she said?”  Chris asked.

“No, why, what did she say?”  My mom responded.

“She said, when dad goes home.  They believe he’s going to go home!”

Yeah, I would say today was a good day considering this is a marathon not a sprint.

Enjoy your day, I know I have!



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  1. Cyndi Uyehara Dean says:

    Awesome to hear your dad will be home soon. My prayers are with you and your family.

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