The Million Dollar Man


Growing up I used to watch a show called The Six Million Dollar Man.  It was great, Steve Austin would save the day time and time again.

In my teenage years I used to love the WWF, it was less about smut and more about the story lines with their wrestlers.  Ted DiBiase, The Million Dollar Man, was one of my favorites.  He would throw money around like it was nothing, real brash and cocky in his approach.


milliondollarmanNow I’m a part of a new money man.  Yes, my dad is the new Million Dollar Man.  The hospital bill will be astronomical.  In February my dad had a heart attack on a Friday, pulled through then had another one the next day and I thought he had died.  Even had a vision of him in Heaven.  That first incident totaled about $350,000 which (praise God) was covered by the VA.  This one will easily pass $700,000.  Health wise, it’s been a very challenging year.

As a war veteran he is entitled to insurance through the VA.  If he has a life threatening situation he is required to go to the closest facility that can keep him alive.  That facility is Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland, WA and so far they have done an amazing job.

Yesterday morning I posted something on FB asking for the prayer warriors to pray.  There were three specific requests

1.  That the fluids evaporate from his lungs
2.  That he wakes up on his own after cool down
3.  That is kidneys do not fail


This morning the same nurse came in with some positive reports (and compare the prayer list, two have been answered).

  • The Kidney’s are doing great.  This was their biggest concern and so far this is the best they could hope for.
  • He woke up.  This wasn’t a given.  When they removed the medication he may or may not have woken up.  Well, he did and he did it fast.

So we have a new prayer list, from the doctor.  Let’s get these prayer’s answered while she’s still on her shift.  This is a great testimony for the power of prayer.

New Prayer List

  • Blood pressure needs to be better. Needs to be at 90%
  • Oxygen level needs to improve so they can remove the breathing tube.  This is really irritating my dad, he’s wants it out and we can help by praying.
  • Fluids removed from the lungs.  This has caused pneumonia which is causing the oxygen level being low

Since my dad’s value this year will exceed $1,000,000 you can bet he will live the rest of his life with that thought.  The rich live differently.  They think differently, they walk in a confidence and execute on their values and goals THAT THEY HAVE ESTABLISHED.  My dad is fighting for life, he wants to stay on earth longer than his body is indicating.  He wants to spend time with family, he wants to complete unfinished work.  When he comes back and reestablishes his life his 2013 value will establish a confidence that he didn’t have before ushering in one of the best years of his life in 2014.

This is a great example for all of us.  Let’s live our life for the value that we have in Christ and execute upon what God wants to get done.  Let’s go get our destiny.


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