What’s your STEM?


In my continued pursuit of redefining my life so God can fulfill my destiny I’ve been asking the question “who am I?”  The books that I read point out that it’s important to truly know who you are, this helps in understanding God’s gifting on your life.  So I sat down on September 1st and wrote out my most loved passions.

I love sports, love what it teaches about life.  I believe that every parent should have their child play a significant amount of team sports so they can positively contribute to society.

I’m not a ‘geek’ but I can hold my own when talking through the most cutting edge technology.  Business Intelligence tools, web solutions, innovation, software – I dig it all!

My destiny will be fulfilled in 2018 when I start producing high quality Christian film, the stories I have in my head will make for some great talking points.  If you look at my music or have seen me preform live, you know that I’m more of an entertainer than musician.  I wish more in ministry would live by what Walt Disney had to say:  I would rather entertain and hope that people learned something than educate  people and hope they were entertained.

Jesus said, “go, for the harvest is ripe.”  He also painted the picture to his closest friends, some of which were fisherman.  “Be fishers of men” He said.   My core is to minister using a lot of the other elements of my passion.

This gets me excited.  I’m now comfortable in explaining my passions and won’t be thwarted by the naysayers or joy suckers that say “that’s too much to do.”  Well, that’s how God wired me.

Now that I have these four elements to fall back on in a professional setting I need to have a name associated with it.

TJR Enterprises?  Nah, I’ve always thought that was too vain.

LMR Consulting Group?  I’ve used that before, kind of like it but still missing something.

Going through these Ideas I started to write out names to use when it hit me, why not put the first letter of each passion together.

METS?  lol, nope.

EMTS?  What the crap is EMTS?

MEST?  That’s just mest up.

STEM?  Hmmm, maybe but what does stem mean?

On Google I found the verb definition of STEM to read,

STEM: Originate in or be caused by.

The STEM is at my core branching out many and many more fruits of my passions.

Now that I have a name, how in the world would I find a domain name to get an email set up and an eventual website for what’s to come.  Every variation pointed to stem cell research or the acronym for Science Technology Engineering and Math.

How about 4X?  I’ve always done everything for Christ which is what 4X could be in reference to.

Wahooo!  Stem4X.com is right there for the taking!  Look for my brand to be associated with STEM4X.com sometime next year.  Sports, Technology, Entertainment and Ministry.

What’s your stem?


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