Why didn’t I think of this before?

It’s been a while, I’ve been super busy and loving it.  I’ve also taken a new stance on life:  NO COMPLAINING.  This makes it difficult to blog. 🙂

The music is coming together nicely and I’ve been doing some research of launch strategy looking at successful independent artists.  One that comes to mind is local, Macklemore and his blueprint of releasing songs with video.

My ultimate goal and what I feel God wants me to do is be a film maker.  My five year plan is to have Soapbox Pictures ready to launch in 2018.  When someone told me about the video release with music something just clicked.

What do I love most about singing?  It’s telling the story.  What do I love most about becoming a film maker?  It’s telling a story.

Why not combine the two?

Second Wind was a surprise hit from the Salt the Band album Mr. Brown.  It was different, edgy and told a story of a perfect man in the eyes of many but he had a deep dark secret that gave him night terrors.  The ‘perfect man’ finally confessed his sin which gave him his Second Wind.

Bandmates, fans, pastors and friends would always ask “what is that song about? Where did it come from.” My response was I wanted to write a fictional song about a fallen pastor who was in charge of a mega church that couldn’t afford to reveal his past.  It would be too damaging to their efforts of creating their super church community.

The songs released with TJR: will be just like Second Wind in their story telling.  With a video combination no one will have to ask “what’s that song about?”  The songs will be very transparent and sometimes uncomfortable to watch.

It’s time we be transparent.  It’s time for us to extend our scar filled hands so the doubting Thomas’ of the world can touch and feel them…and believe.

The revolution is coming and it’s going to ROCK.


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