Wacky Wednesday: California Public School Gender Law


Wow.  Can you believe it?  California passed a bill saying a boy that thinks he’s a girl can go into the girls bathroom to pee at public schools.  Not only that, if a boy that thinks he’s a girl, wants to play for the girls basketball team, he can….wowzers.

At least now there is something my gay friends and I can agree on.  Right?  I mean come on people, do I know anyone that thinks this is the right thing to do?

“But Troy – what about the boys that are really girls? Or girls that are really boys?

“They don’t exist.”

“You can’t say that.”

“I just did.’

The slippery slope that conservatives like me have been saying is now coming true.  The rights of one person that doesn’t believe God, evolution, science, biology, whatever, made them right can cry foul with things we have in our society…things like public gender specific bathrooms.  If they try and compare that to whites and blacks only I think I will puke.

This is unbelievable to me.

I understand that there are youth out there that are curious about the other gender.  Haven’t all of us thought ‘what if I was [insert opposite gender]?’ The problem is we are what we are.  We were born with working pieces that define our gender.

I’ve always said that the Bi and Transgender birth claim cripples the I was born this way claim from Gay and Lesbian’s.  If the LGBT became the LG, I believe they would have more credibility with “I was born with it”.  In my mind when you add Bi and Transgender it gets fishy.

Don’t misunderstand me.  If someone wants to be Gay, Lesbian, Transgender or Bi, that is their rights as a human.  They know the risks and they will have to practice safe measures to ensure they are protected.  Our bodies weren’t made for some of the acts that those groups partake in so they have to be extra cautious.  And like I’ve said before,  I’m not going to judge what they are doing unless they want to roll with me as a bible believing, lov’n Jesus freak.

But this, this is just crazy.  Wake up call for those that don’t think this type of thing affects you. It does and it will.

Be strong.


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