Self Motivation Quiz results

I took a Self Motivation Quiz today and wanted to share my results.

Your Top 3 Motivators Are:

(When your role or focus is: “General Life”)

    1. StatusStatus (100%): your motto is: “I have social standing”

      You are energized and excited with gaining more prestige within your circles. You might even consider taking a lower paid position in order to gain more social positioning in a wider community. You really do enjoy being an important figure in the community. You do what it takes to not be perceived as socially inferior.

      You may have to seek roles and positions that already hold social prestige in order to be motivated. Doctors, lawyers, accountants, bank managers, and the likes hold a certain amount of social clout that energizes you. Consider branching out into wider reach programs over the internet, too. Internally, going after new ‘titles’ may bring you much joy.

      Seeking higher titles and roles must be seen as a worthwhile reward for efforts in order to energize you. Empty titles or roles will not do it for you if the rest of the community feels the same way.

      Tips to use this Motivator:

      • Do what it takes to let your team, family, and friends know you desire recognition of achievement.
      • Take on company, local, or internet projects that will gain you public recognition.
      • Make achievable goals to get symbols of worth that remind you and others of your efforts.
      • Read books, participate in blogs, and learn topics that help you live life with high esteem.
      • Let you teams, management, family, and friends know you seek respect from them. Do what it takes to earn it.
    1. WealthWealth (88%): your motto is: “I am prosperous”

      (Also interpreted as ‘success’) You are excited by getting material possessions and financial gains. You believe the great rewards are more important than the task performed. You turn down projects or tasks that have less than great return on effort investment.

      You tend to think of work, projects, and companies as a means to obtaining resources. This can pose a problem for the company if they hurt your return on effort investment. Your individualistic approach to outcome driven work can be troublesome to others. But, if you see a great reward, you’ll work like no other for it.

      You must work with teams, organizations, and projects that are very flexible when it comes to rewarding your efforts. This can be perceived as greediness by others. Let them know your practical approach to effort inputs and how you fit in the organization.

      Tips to use this Motivator:

      • Look for new opportunities to acquire wealth. Don’t be afraid to learn new paths.
      • Align your environment for a minimum of constraints. Your want for success cannot be held back.
      • Seek opportunities to excel. Do one more thing to enhance your outputs by a few percentage points. Repeat as needed.
      • Only take on work or projects with individual payment agreements. Work for you first.
      • Seek real rewards for your efforts. You must have returns on effort investments in mind before you commit.
    1. AutonomyAutonomy (88%): your motto is: “I do it my way”

      You are excited about doing your own thing. You are independent and well self-controlled. You dislike being in subordinate roles. You like to call the shots and do it your way.

      You show exceptional willpower in work and decisions. This can make you difficult to manage or contain in any organization at any level other than leadership. The only real way to survive in a lower ranked position is if you highly respect those above you. Or just take their place!

      You need to be given enough freedom to do your thing but also be bound by some type of loose checks and balances. Too much supervision and red-tape will cripple you.

      Tips to use this Motivator:

      • Seek ways to have control over your own time and work schedule.
      • Actively seek project lead roles or resource control positions.
      • Negotiate with management for less supervision or seek a new position with less micro-management.
      • Seek more leadership roles and participate in decision making opportunities.
      • Get in on strategic planning sessions, special projects, and policy reviews.

Your Remaining Motivators Are (In Order):

Recognition (88%): your motto is: “I am recognized & respected by others”
Meaning (88%): your motto is: “I make a real difference in the world”
Mastery (76%): your motto is: “I am excellent in my chosen vocation”
Teamwork (76%): your motto is: “I am a member of the group”
Stability (68%): your motto is: “I like to know the future”
Power (60%): your motto is: “I control others”


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