My Top 5 Strengths are…

Interesting…not the my strengths but the lowest on the list. 🙂

The number one complaint I hear in my job from current and future clients is:  Salespeople

My Top 5 Strengths Are:

  1. Integrity (94%):
    An undivided completeness. Align your every action through your core-values by knowing what you stand for, setting your boundaries, and forming life guidelines.

    • You identify with your ability to keep your commitments – stick to your programs!
    • Stay off teams that have slackers on board as they will sap your energy.
    • Do not be forced to rush and sacrifice quality – you value quality first. Help others understand.
    • You are a self-starter and require little supervision – be sure your supervisors know this.
    • You excel in positions that require unimpeachable ethics – seek them out.
    • Continue to ask yourself what new responsibilities you want to assume.
    • Protect yourself from taking on too much – build up self-discipline and the ability to say ‘no’!
    • Be careful about moving to management – you may prefer to do it yourself and be overwhelmed.
  2. Faith (94%):
    A strong belief in a supernatural power. Building up a solid foundation in your life through conversation with, trust in, and sharing about your Creator.

    • Make efforts to discover your true passion and tie it to your work, no matter what you do.
    • Align, but don’t compromise, your values to that of your organization.
    • You respect others for learning about your family and community – give them the opportunity.
    • You give more value to greater levels of service than more money – let others know this.
    • People may not share your beliefs, but you feel they need to understand & respect – let them.
  3. Ambition (94%):
    A strong drive for success. See and embrace your future growth by removing obstacles, building confidence in your goals, and personal visualization.

    • Maintain your focus on improving working things and not fixing the broken things.
    • Avoid roles that require continual problem solving.
    • You get frustrated focusing on your weaknesses for too long – try to minimize this.
    • You dislike career paths that trade money for veering off your strengths path – avoid them.
    • Seek to lead a task force to investigate company best practices.
    • Participate in or design a program for measuring and celebrating employee productivity.
  4. Optimism (88%):
    Expecting the best. Learn to stay in top condition by accepting you are a work in progress, surrounding yourself with optimism, and knowing you are not controlled.

    • Look for positions where you can be as close to customers as possible.
    • Actively help plan events – like new product launches and user groups.
    • Do use your humor and good attitude to excite people.
    • Being positive does not mean you’ll be in good mood – be aware and let others know, as needed.
    • Cynics quickly sap your energy and you dislike cheering negative people – minimize these instances.
    • You enjoy celebrating and should actively find ways to recognize achievements.
  5. Visionary (88%):
    The powers of foresight. Make your future happen by keeping your mind open, knowing when to be critical, and by using your strengths.

    • Seek to share your visions of the future with others and hear others’ ideas, too.
    • Seek to share your perspectives on company news, meetings, and projects.
    • Look for (and digest!) news and articles that cover the future plans of things.
    • Work with or on a planning committee and keep up or review its progress.
    • Look for roles where you will be pushed to see the future as vividly as possible.
    • Actively help others to rise above the present and be excited about the future.

Your Remaining Results Are:

  • Teamwork (88%):
    Working with others for a common purpose. Create a powerful force of many by giving others the power to work, asking for help, and actively seeking input.
  • Self Motivation (88%):
    Purpose and direction to behavior. Fuel your own fire from within by consciously choosing where to focus, by taking the next step, and learning from your experiences.
  • Innovation (88%):
    Creating something in the mind. Improve the creativity in your thinking by looking for new ways to solve problems, learning from others, and looking toward your progress.
  • Communication (88%):
    Exchanging information and ideas. Up your effective speaking skills by owning feedback, growing with the examples of others, and watching your growth.
  • Balance (81%):
    Harmony of parts within the whole. Keep the flow of life in check through knowing your areas of improvement, seeking feedback, and keeping up with your goals.
  • Curiosity (81%):
    A state in which you want to learn. Viewing the world through a new light by looking, asking, and finding different ways to live your life.
  • Problem Solving (81%):
    Thinking through settling difficulties. Champion life’s difficulties with ease by getting just enough information, stretching your expectations, and learning from the lessons.
  • Determination (81%):
    Making up your mind. Commit to your successful decisions by being passionate about goals, knowing details that matter, and coat-tailing the change-makers.
  • Adaptability (81%):
    Able to change or be changed. Be able to flow through the waves of life by practicing what works, remaining open to change, and seeking to be proactive in your actions.
  • Resourcefulness (75%):
    Able to cope with difficult situations. Enhance your ability to deal with new situations by working through problems before they exist, seeking insight, and using what works.
  • Purpose (75%):
    Having meaning through aim. Build up the propelling drive in you by figuring out what matters most, focusing on your goals, and making an impact on the world.
  • Focus (75%):
    Maximum clarity of an idea. Get things done the right way by learning to do enough of what matters without being bogged downed with things that don’t.
  • Leadership (69%):
    Able to empower and enable others. Enable others to change the world by being transparent, empowering others, and treating others how they want to be treated.
  • Risk Taking (69%):
    A possibility of loss or gain. Determine to use risk to your advantage through stretching your skills, experimenting without expectations, and getting a grasp on fear.
  • Strategic Thinking (63%):
    Systematic plans of action. Learn how to reduce mistakes and grab opportunities by questioning assumptions, knowing what influences actions, and setting up systems.

Your Bottom 1 Weakness Is:

Salesmanship (38%):
Persuading others to accept your offering. Genuinely deliver what’s in it for others by embracing the value in others in a way they care about and works best for them.

  • Make it a point to meet new people every day – strangers energize you.
  • Be the initial point of contact for groups, organizations, and teams.
  • Continually work on your system for remembering names and faces.
  • You prefer to meet, win over, and move on – stick to broad relationships in work. Quantity not quality.
  • Be careful that your salesmanship doesn’t cloud the vision of others – too much influence can be dangerous.
  • Consistently be a builder of goodwill for your groups, community, or organization.

Take the test yourself here:


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